The King and Queen

One royal  morning, there was a King called Kobe and a Queen called Naomi. The next morning, Kobe wanted  an egg for his  breakfast  and Queen Naomi wanted beans on toast . After , breakfast they went for a walk. But,Naomi got hit with a purple tennis ball .Then, they found a leopard  and then Naomi grabbed it .Then, they saw  a shop and it was closing .After that, they went over there and they brought the shop .In it they put  some of there  stuff they don’t need any more .Then, they were very happy together with there shop and everything .


The scary gun

Once upon a time , there was a museum. My friend Naomi she went  there   every Saturday. One sunny Saturday, Naomi she woke up and said “its another day ”. So she got dressed  and went to the museum  .When she got there she sow a gun .Then she tied her scarf around the gun .Next miss Michelle she shot the gun and then it bounced of the scarf and Naomi saved the museum and miss Mitchel  was good for ever and was never bad again and Naomi lived with miss Mitchel .They were really happy together alone in a nice cottage .