George the goldfish

Once upon a time, there was a fish called George.  He was a shiny goldfish and lived in the sea . One sunny day, his dad said that he was going to go to school .When he got there everyone was nice but the other fish were confused because they did not get the same welcome. Some of the  fish were brown ,some flew around and some swam slowly.  Then there was a submarine that had a ladder so he went down it and he came back out after school.  He was so happy because he’d had the best day ever.

The karate trees

Once upon a time , there was a tree  and they were karate trees that chop other trees down . The  next  morning, the trees went to the forested  and went to lean  karate. When they were learning karate some of them did get the hang of it but some diet not get it strata away but they were really exited to learn  they still did not get it  and  took them finally they got it and they went home and they were happy because they were aloud to teach little trees and then all of them  happy forever to do karat.

Hannah the spider

Once upon a time, there was a spider called Hannah the spider and she lived down a drainpipe. The next day, Hannah the spider went to visits the amazon rain forest and she fell in love with it. The next morning, she decided to move there and then she told here family. After going round wet drains her luggage, it came down the drainpipe. But people there where mean so she made a little house but it got destroy son she left and went to live back to here house and it was the best time ever for here life.




The Buda’s

Once there was a museum and three little statue out side the museum .At night after they closed the museum and then the statue came to life .After  they stated going around the building .In the building there  was more grey statues so they made friends with the other statues .After they made friends and went to find some cloves and they got some before the morning . The next day ,the people said” wow look at these statues there amazing they asked to buy them and the manger said ”yes you can keep them and they lived happy  at home.

Hannah in Narnia

Once  upon  a time ,there  was a girl called Hannah  and she was about to have bedfast  but she wanted to see what was in the spare room so she opened the door  and there was a wardrobe so Hannah claimed into the wardrobe and there was slime and red  coats at the end of the wardrobe there was a door she opened the door and there was  a small clock  and she was late for school so she cycled to school but there was a snake in the way before she was at school but she made it finally.