The magical museum

One misty morning, there was a girl called Chloe.  She went to the local history museum everyday . But there was something different in the animal section, so she went to the manager and asked why the 100 year old Elephant wasn’t there. The man said, “We moved him this morning and are going to replace him with a different Elephant .”

The girl gasped  then said, “You can’t do that. This elephant has  been here for ages.”

Then the manager said, “Sorry I can’t help you.” Mischievously,  Chloe took the keys and went to the Elephant then  the elephant delivered his speech…

The King and Queen

One royal  morning, there was a King called Kobe and a Queen called Naomi. The next morning, Kobe wanted  an egg for his  breakfast  and Queen Naomi wanted beans on toast . After , breakfast they went for a walk. But,Naomi got hit with a purple tennis ball .Then, they found a leopard  and then Naomi grabbed it .Then, they saw  a shop and it was closing .After that, they went over there and they brought the shop .In it they put  some of there  stuff they don’t need any more .Then, they were very happy together with there shop and everything .


Lilly the COOL tiger

Lilly the cool  tiger is very happy and always kind to other people .She likes having fun and likes to eat meat.

But she is a  little bit shy because she is  not  use to new people .

And did I tell you that Lilly  has special powers? It’s that she has a special stripe   that has  power  to defeat bad people.

And I like her because she weighs  hardly  nothing   so I  can pick her  up and even though she is tiny  she can defeat lots of bad animals .

Lilly is a great tiger and a great fit for me .














































































Running a marathon

Once upon a time ,there was a girl called Lily. Her dream was to run a marathon .One day , she got a letter and it said to miss Lily you have got this letter to tell you that you are aloud to run the world marathon. The next day ,she turned up to the competition . It was time for them to run so she ran but although she ran quickly ,they still were not making enough progress. she asked her friend to come and they got through the marathon together thanks to her friend she got enough money  for charity.



Naomi at the tropical inland

once upon a time ,there  was a girl called Naomi and she dreamed that she can be encage of a tropical inland . The next morning ,she was sad because it was a dream . After that day she hade the same dream but it was real and she wanted to be encage of the inland. She felt good about it  because there’s know adults there  and there never will be but after a few days se was missing them so she found a tunnel and it led her were ever here parents were and had a good time with them