That Is Surprising

One day a  girls called Naomi, charlotte, fray and  Olivia. they were going on holiday Island. they arrived at the Island. they went to bed because it was 12 ‘O clock they whock up. Naomi said it had  been raining all morning. so they got  out of bed  and make briefest.

The good girl

One day a girl called Hannah got in the golden book. she was going to Miss Vaughn. but two baddies called Ralph and Esmé was in the school.
 she was all most at Miss Vaughn. she didn’t no were the office because she was new she cared on waking to the office .
Ralph and Esmé.

The Squishy Search

One  day, a box cam to her house. she is cold Olivar  her  sister  cold fryer  her mom is cold Lexie ”when did it arrive” I said. she is dsiding if she shod open it or not.
she   givd it to her naborue. her naborue was happy with her .”thank you” she said . ”mom wot can I do” said fryer.

I’m safe

One day there lived a statue. And tow girl’s  could  charlotte and Naomi. And a mum and dad .They went on a adventure in the hobble woods ”run ” said Naomi !”look it is coming towoerod us ”said  Charlotte . they went to hid .he waked rite parts them.they   ran back home safely ”start to bad” said  mum. they went to bed next morning they wock up .

I am the boss

One day Naomi got job at the zoo. “The zoo isn’t fun, because they don’t let the visitors feed the animals, but what if I was in  charge?” said Naomi.  The next day the head zookeeper was sick! “Everybody, I’m in charge!” shouted Naomi bossily.  She stamped to the office and got the keys to the enclosures.  Then she went to every single enclosure and let out all the animals except the tigers, because they were vicious. The snakes slithered around the guests’ legs.  The elephants squirted lemonade round the restaurant.  The boss came back and he was livid!