The wild broken robot

“The brand new robot 6000 is out . it comes with a car 500 you should get it.” Theo liked robots and car so he bought it . when  he got it.  it was broken so he went “Which way to the shops “it panted well the boy did. he made it in his toy car… when he got it back it ran. he got in his toy car he said “that’s rare ” it took 1 hour to get him and he went home “were here” he played with them all night and all day . his dad went on an adventure in the deadly forest.

Charles and Yannick Adventure #2

Do you like Minecraft ? because I do one day Charles and yannick set of to go on a Adventure they found a riven and they jumped into water Charles found iron ore , but found a massive cave and jumped into stone thankfully they were alive still but the orange one spoke first. They found lapis and gold . Amazingly Yannick found diamonds it was a stack of 3  Charles arrived at diamonds this time it was 6 . yannick and Charles kept on ding . After all of that ding Charles and Yannick made it back and Built a house so they will carried on

charles and yannick adventue

Charles and Yannick  were in a minecraft world and needed to make a house. So they got oak and cobblestone and started building. Charles went out to hunt some animals to eat and they started to build beds.  Suddenly, a giant appeared from nowhere and started to blow up the house.  After one day the giant had gone . So they got a friend call  hacker and then they build a Mantuan and had a massive zoo and all the wild live was healthy and save so we lived until a zombie appeared out of nowhere so they rip the end


messi and the strike of wonder

one day there was a footballer called Messi that was playing a football match he was a hero he would a free kick so he wanted to change team but then everything stopped and then it went back to normal he did not know what happened so he carried on and then he signed a contract for Barcelona it was a great and he scored a wonder goal and the crowd went wild.So he celebrated an he was amazed what he just did and he was the best player in the world and he beat Ronaldo and he was amazed.