The Stolen Bicycle!

Once upon a time, there lived a young teenager called Harry and a fish called Bob. Harry longed to be a superhero.

One day, he woke to find his favourite toy had gone missing! He knew his least favourite pupal in his class had stolen it!

The Wrong Weight of the Babies!

It was a stormy night at the hospital, and a few new babies were being born and we were just about to weigh them. The first baby was a normal weight and the midwife gave her back to her mum.  The next baby was also a normal weight and the second midwife gave him back to his dad.  However, when the midwife picked up the third baby she said, “It was heavier than I expected!” She hoisted the baby onto the scales and she exclaimed ” My oh my! You are super heavy!” She hauled the baby back to her giant mum.

The Big Space Ship

Somewhere in a world not far from you, there lived a little man called Mojo. One day, there was a science test in 5 more weeks. So Mojo needed to think of an idea to make. A few minutes later, Mojo had an idea. His idea was a space ship. when the science test day came, Mojo was ready to show off his idea. When it just wouldn’t take off he felt miserable, but he didn’t give up.  He thought and thought and his got brain bigger. Finally it took off and he passed the science test.

Under the Sea 2

A long time a go there was this little baby who lived under the sea. She was a mermaid , her name was Marina. She grew up fast. when she was old enough she went to go in the sea alone. When she was on the way she saw some purple seahorses whi

All About Andy

One day long ago there was a boy called Andy who really wanted to be a construction worker. When he went to bed he always prayed that he could be a construction worker. At school when its playtime he always plays construction workers, he is ubsests with it. One day that all changed when his mother said you will never be a construction worker. When Andy heard he was most upset and he got mad. By the time it was bedtime Andy was over it. After that, wanted to be a police and he started talked about that super excitedly.