All About Andy

One day long ago there was a boy called Andy who really wanted to be a construction worker. When he went to bed he always prayed that he could be a construction worker. At school when its playtime he always plays construction workers, he is ubsests with it. One day that all changed when his mother said you will never be a construction worker. When Andy heard he was most upset and he got mad. By the time it was bedtime Andy was over it. After that, wanted to be a police and he started talked about that super excitedly.

The Awesome Singing Compettion

Yesterday, there was a cool singing competition but it was very silly. I will tell you about it. So it was Singing Sunday and Chief Doomy announced  a singing competition and he through out lots of tickets to sing. when he looked out of the window there was loads of people waiting to audition. Chief Doomy said oh my look at that there is loads of people outside. Mrs Doomy said you must get going then. So Chief Doomy ran down the stairs and let lots of people in and gave them auditions. Days past and it was the day of the singing competition.

Exhausted World

Once upon a time there lived some children called Ava, Alice and Yannick. One day they were playing at breakfast and they played lots of games and their favourite game was catch. When they finished their breakfast and popped up the stairs and got dressed and when they finished doing it they went to, drumroll please…Jump City. When Ava, Alice and Yannick got there they had to read instructions to stay safe and not get hurt. They jumped up and down on the trampolines all day, but they were exhausted and when they got home they went straight to bed.

Yellow World

Once upon a century there was a person called Ella Love Heart. She went for a walk in the pretty forest. The forest was called Yellow House. In Yellow House there was lots of gorillas but they are Ella’s friends. Ella gave the gorillas bricks because they nibble them. When Ella was running home found a little bird she liked the little bird. So Ella brought the bird home. When she got back to her house Ella showed the thing  to her parents and they liked the colours and actually it looked odd. Ella saw it was dead. But it wasn’t.