pedro and cyborg

Once upon a time there lived two boys called Cyborg and Pedro . They lived in London. One day a evil demon  teleported them to a different place called fun land. There were sweeties, chocolate and candy. It felt like a dream they wanted to be real.  And then there were two storm troopers they had gigantic brilliant snipers. Then Cyborg said ” how are we gone to do this. Pedro went like woof. Cyborg said ”I know  what to do. there heads are going to be chopped of by my robot arm. Finally chopped  the troopers heads of  forever now.


the invasion of ladybirds

Once upon a time there lived a guy called bob . He lived in Hertford  but one day there was so much ladybugs that he saw a giant space ship with a million ladybugs coming he realised it was an invasion of  them. He called the police but they couldn’t  stop them Eather . so they left then he called the milatery they couldn’t  aswel  so they left .He didn’t know what to do then he sor them leav he was finaly safe. So he had a disco and put his favourite song on he was so happy he went out side .



meek’s super adventure

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Meek.. One day meek and his family went to London’s sea life center . He sour a BIG fish with BIG fin’s it came to wad’s him it got biger and biger  as it came to wad’s him .  He got closer to the end off the sea life center and finaly he got there and had some food .  then he went home wen he got home he asked his mum if they code have a disco and his mum said yes and she put his favourite song on for him and he danced . the end .



they mite be the three billy goats  statues with kapes on . one has big horns one has little horns and one has medeiom  horns .  who mite have  put them there or who made them ?