johny in the jurassic period

One day there lived a boy called Jonny . He lived in New York City .he had an incredible watch. It made him  teleport anywhere he wanted even his favorite soft play area. One day when he was having lunch he axedently  touched his watch and he teleported to the Jurassic period . He knew he was in the dinosaur times he herd a massive roar he ran into a bush a t-rex came out of the trees and saw jonny he ran for his life and then everything stopped and he teleported home safely his parents were worried but he was back.


I will never forget the time when I went to pleasure wood hills .I had a bunch of fun on the tiger rock water adventure ride. I got soaking wet. But the best ride, my favourite one was the marble madness. It starts slow but gets faster and goes up and down. looking back I remember having fish and chips for my lunch . After that before I left I went on the small dropper and soft play . it was so much fun I was on holiday as well .When I got back we went to the swimming pool and played .

dragon life

A long time ago. there was a baby dragon called inferno. but he was in  lots  of danger. His uncle saved him from the fire. His parents had died and left him an ultimate sword. It crashed into earth then the beach. So he crashed into the ground.

dragons world

One day there was a man called Tom and he made a rocket.  Tom started the rocket and he began to fly soon .Tom began to go in space.  Two minutes later an asteroid was coming out from a different planet. It brought him up eight million miles away from earth and crash landed on a planet called dragon world. Then a dragon was chasing him for two miles until he tamed the night fury. They became buddies and went back to earth and told everyone to not throw boulders into the universe.

pedro and cyborg

Once upon a time there lived two boys called Cyborg and Pedro . They lived in London. One day a evil demon  teleported them to a different place called fun land. There were sweeties, chocolate and candy. It felt like a dream they wanted to be real.  And then there were two storm troopers they had gigantic brilliant snipers. Then Cyborg said ” how are we gone to do this. Pedro went like woof. Cyborg said ”I know  what to do. there heads are going to be chopped of by my robot arm. Finally chopped  the troopers heads of  forever now.