The stolen bow

Once upon a time, there was a young man who was named Fo Fum. He was a brave, strong man. One day, he heard a very strange sound coming from his Armoury so he went and checked. He saw that his window was open and he knew his darkest enemy, Doctor Sheep had robbed him! Doctor Sheep tried to steal a motorbike.  ”But it is so slow, I hate it!” said Doctor Sheep and he left the bike and went on foot. Fo Fum went around town asking for help. Suddenly, somebody volunteered called  Rob. He left the town immediately . Unfortunately, Doctor Sheep was a frightening leader and was guarded by eleven ugly sheep.  But Rob ran between the ugly sheep.


Long ago in the iron age there was a king called Stephen he was a very rich man he over a thousand pounds.But one day he heard screaming and shouting coming his way he told his troups  to get ready for battle.They went out the front and charged to wards the enemy the fight was on. The good cannon took a shot it killed five of the enemy’s but there was fifty six and there was seventy five of the good guys after four hours they won the battle and they had a celabration for wining the fight the end.


Long ago a young boy named tiny Bob was at home playing with his toys in his bed room .He was twenty nine he had a lot of toys to play with but one day he wanted to go to a very far away planet called mars he wanted Dave to come with him so Dave went with him to mars .So they went to the space station to the rocket when they landed bob hoped over to an alien and waved hello. Dave said it was time to go. Bob got home to have his dinner of fish fingers.