the space elephant

One day an elephant decided to go to space to talk to the aliens. He built a rocket and started to make fuel for it. Next, he bought his supplies and took off. When he left the atmosphere, he prepared his speech. He wondered what the alien world would look like. Finally, he got to the alien planet and ran to the city  then  the elephant  delivered   his speech  to Mack peace for the plaints  .   after  theta  the  elephant  went  back  to his rocket  to go home . And tell   his  ferns  the  grit nose earth   and the  aliens  are in  peas .

dragons world

One day there was a man called Tom and he made a rocket.  Tom started the rocket and he began to fly soon .Tom began to go in space.  Two minutes later an asteroid was coming out from a different planet. It brought him up eight million miles away from earth and crash landed on a planet called dragon world. Then a dragon was chasing him for two miles until he tamed the night fury. They became buddies and went back to earth and told everyone to not throw boulders into the universe.

The Dancer

There was a flower but not any old flower red magic flower .It maches every red  fing  you want . Then someone made a whish for a red dance costume and they were very good dancer shockingly got invited to a dance and won the competition .