Flying fish

Splash, the little  fish were swimming away from the Dorados when a little boy called Max spotted the  fish and called out,”Mum ,mum there are fish  they are flying out of the water but sometimes the birds swoop in and try to catch the little, fish!” “Nonsense there are no such thing as ‘flying fish'”replied her mum. The little boy turned his head and saw a  boat with a man in it  the boy figured out he fished out the fish that was catching the fish that were thought to fly. “I didn’t realize they could fly.” Said her mum.

In Flanders Feilds

As he raced out of the camouflaged helicopter across the field to help his injured best friend,  oh I’m sorry let me tell you the story from the begging. About 1000 years ago in Flanders Felids there was a world war with Germany fighting agenised England and it was tough. Many soldiers lost their lives to save us. At 11’o’ clock on the 11th of November the soldiers all shouted peace. and when all  the soldiers had cleared out of the field lots of poppies started to grow in the field it was beautiful.

Pirate Tale

One stormy, thundery night there was a crew of pirates. There captain was  called captain purple, peg leg. He was legendary and was 1009 in pirate years. In the crew where called the Glitter Gang. They were made of Anna9 best friends with Ella), Ella( who is best friends with Anna), Josephine, Alice, Freya, Ihansa and Jessica. They also had a mi9scheivious monkey called sprinkles. Sprinkles had accidently stolen a chest filled with precious diamonds, rubies gems, and gold. So they had to return the treasure however when they moved the treasure they all announced, “it was heavier than I expected.”




The crocodile

Once there was an adorable, baby crocodile his name was Kyle . Kyle was a kind caring crocodile, he lived with his dad and mum. His mum was very mean to everyone however his dad was kind and caring. One day, Kyle was going for a swim with his dad when he saw a bicycle and he asked, ” what is  that daddy,” his dad answered, “that son is a bicycle”. One day his mum got desperate, greedily she went to tell every fish in the sea that they must be warned and then she started to put yellow warning signs everywhere .

War In Germany

Once upon a time there was a little girl  called Lucy. she had long,  brown hair and blue eyes. she lived in a  bungalow with  her best friend Lilly in Germany who had blonde bob with fringe  in the country side with there mums. Both of there dads had gone to war .  The only problem was that there dads were still fighting in the war so they worried a lot one day they all decided to go to the beach together when they saw two men that looked familiar , it was there dads who had just come back from war!