Night At The Museum

It was night at the museum in Tring . All of the stuffed animals were still. Until, the museum keeper went home. One by one, each animal came to life, starting with a woolly mammoth then a sloth followed by a lion,  followed by all the animals you could possibly imagine. By the time all the animals were alive again, they all gathered round  the reception desk and one animal was at the front. Can you guess the animal? It was big and grey, it had ginormous  tusks and a long  grey trunk. It was an elephant! Then  the elephant delivered his speech…

The Black Rock

Once upon a time, there stood a rock in the Ocean, also known as Black Rock. On the opposite side of the Ocean there was a stripy light house and in the light house there were two children, Charlie and Cassy. Cassy was a calm girl and Charlie was a very energised boy. One day, Cassy and Charlie went sailing. Their dream was to climb to the top of black Rock. When they came across it they saw an adorable seal pup stranded at the top. They had to rescue it. Charlie pulled.” I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted.

The Road Trip

Dear diary,

Today was the most amazing day. Me and my best friend Ella were going on a trip in the Alps. We had no idea were we were going but it was awesome! After the first day we spent the night in a motel called Starry night. The next day we kept travelling. We took no notice of the sign saying,” No entry,” We kept travelling. Soon after , some police showed up and told us we were under arrest. They took us to prison . The prison was cold and dark. That was were we spent the rest of our lives.

The Sky Ship Adventure

Have you ever ridden on  a sky ship? Well I have! It was 8 years ago  when I flew to The West Pole on a sky ship with Ella, Josephine and Alice. We were half way across the world when I  spotted something as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was but as it got nearer I could see exactly what it was! It was a bird wait not a bird a golden eagle. it was flying towards the engine! And before I knew it  was inside the engine. dead .We were starting to fall!Into candy Land!

The Yellow Bike

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had just got a new bicycle and was riding it happily. Unfortunately, she fell off and then limped to her mum in the kitchen, but whilst she was gone, a mad professor came and tried to explode her bicycle .Fortunately, a little, purple pixie stopped him! The mad professor tried to kill the purple pixie. Eventually, when the little girl came back, the mad professor and pixie jumped into the bushes. The bicycle was not harmed and the little girl lived happily ever after with her  new, sparkly,  yellow  bicycle!