The Deep [email protected]@!!!#^’hdggj

Once, there lived three children called Emily, Hannah and Poppy. They were all twelve years old. One day, they all went to the woodland and suddenly they saw a black, heavy, damaged banana that had before jumped into space. When they turned around their parents weren’t there. Then they found out they were in a woodland and started run and run as fast as they could. Just then, they got caught by an orphan and she dragged them in and took us to the head and she made us an orphan. They never saw our lovely, caring parents over the bloody wood.


Rose’s adventure

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Rose and she loved baking so much that she was planning to go to the shops to buy ingredients for her chocolate cake that she was planning to make.  So she set of along the stark town’s street and looked in the window of Sainsbury’s which was not as nice as Sainsbury’s is now it was just a little wooden table with a small shelter. Then she looked in the small window of Tesco and it was so empty as well. Although it was Saturday nothing was open.


The end

Candy Land

Two years ago, there lived a girl called Annabelle. She had a blonde bob and a straight fringe. Annabelle was 10 years old . One day, Annabelle went on a trip to Candy Land. Once, she got there she saw fluffy clouds floating. Next to her feet was a long river of chocolate milk!  Suddenly, the fluffy clouds quivered and it started to rain popping candy. There were  lots of different flavours like strawberry and lemon and  lime. So Annabelle rushed under a lickerish tree for shelter. when the sun came up again there were puddles of popped popping candy .