Mystery Island

Max laughed sarcastically, “All the way to Australia! You must be joking!” Emily, Max and Harry normally had to fend for themselves as their Dad was an Explorer and went away lots. This time although, it would take a few months, so they were coming too. The next day they packed their suitcase and when their dad picked it up he fainted. When he woke up his words were “It was heaver than I expected!” A few days later they went to an mystery island. Sadly, on the way back their plane got shot so the rest contains a mystery.

The Disasterous Flight

Once there was a family who had twins. On there 6th birthday they got a kite so after  a birthday roast they went to the park. They found a clearing away from trees or people. Charlie and Lucy tries several attempts to fly it but every time it failed and when it wouldn’t take off for the 27th time they ran home complaining that it didn’t work. Their Mum and Dad agreed and said it was a waste of money and they will get them another kite one day. The next day they got another kite that worked.

The big debate

Once there was a big war between two countries, America and Canada. One day the Canadian President said to Donald Trump. “Knock down that wall and we will be a lovely, happy, big country. Then Donald Trump refuses, “No! We will fight until there is only one country happy!” This went on and on and on it became a big debate. The next day they decided to travel to England so the Queen could help then. She emedittly  said peace. Have peace. Then they stopped debating and became a big, happy country of peace and harmony.



The Forbidden House

“Bertie!” shouted Charlotte cheerfully, “Stop daydreaming! Get some sense into yourself!” Bertie stood up, chased Charlotte into the building site, past the danger of death signs and into the destructed house. They stopped instantly, suddenly realising something. There weren’t any builders in it, only some wretched stairs leading up to the second level. The pair hurriedly ran up the stairs, but only finding a cup of something. It looked just like a glass of water. Charlotte immediately drank it falling to the floor. A wizard stepped out of the corner. Bertie screamed, “NO!!!” then sadly “I’ll never forget this. Ever.”

The Life of a Chicken

Once, long ago in a muddy farmyard, there lived a little chicken. The chick was born on 25th of June 1922 and has now passed away, but this is what happened. Living in a attached pen was a coal black runt, now resting in straw. Every day, Hazel- another chicken laid eggs for Farmer Tom. After, they would get washed thoroughly. The candle flickering, he would get tucked into bed and flick his fringe over his eyes, then blow out the  candle to fall asleep. “Another hard day done” dreamt the farmer in his sleep “But tomorrow is not finished yet.”