Tigs The Strong spider

Tigs   is the strong spider in the earth !

He lives  in the strong land .It is buotffi   . with amazing trees and  grow fast follows.

He loves to run , jump , clime   and go on anchors.

He dis likes being still and  not growing on advchos .

even no he is little he has a strong hart .














The Baby Tiger

It was night and it was  time  for  Loise to go bed.  She had a dream  there was a mummy  tiger  and a daddy tiger . The mummy  was siting  down and the daddy was caching  fish . When he came  back  there was pacuij  .” when did it arrive ?” I said” just now.”” have you drunk  lots of water .”   how are you “said mummy tiger”  no” said  daddy tiger shod I stay or shod I go?


The Legs That could Talk

One sunny day, Holly, Alice and Pipper the dog  went for a walk in the forest . They walked into the  forest. They had a big surprise. There was a pair of  legs . They said, “Which way do you want to go?”

“W…w…we don’t know.”

” pick !”

” why?”

“Because one way leads to death and the other way leads to the other side of the forest.”

They chose the way that led to death but they didn’t realise.  They ran quickly away from the tunnel and into the path that led to other side of the forest! They made it to the other side.


One summer’s day, Daisy and Emmy went to take Pipping for a walk . They went to the gloomy forest. Daisy and Emmy went to get a good stick ,but when they got back she was gone. Daisy screamed “Where is Pipping ? ” ,but through the clouds  they could  her ….


One  day , Holly and her mum and dad went to the dinosaur museum .And when she got  back she was exhausted. They went through  the ramshackle gate .  They  had  dinner and went up to bed  . Her mum  said, “Go to sleep.”  and turned of the light .  She slept  for a little  bit  and then  she fell in to a deep sleep and had a dream about school.  “But what if I was in charge of the school?” She dreamed she the headmistress for the day and it was amazing. She let everybody have fun and they all had a party.