The jagged, towering cliff stood before me as I walked towards it. Suddenly, a male voice came from the edge. I ran towards it.  A boy was hanging off a ledge with a big drop beneath him. He was shouting to a girl beside me. “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. I called the lifeguards and they saved the poor boy. They congratulated me so much that they didn’t see me slipping off the end of the cliff. I was dead…


The Dragonfly

Dear Diary,

Today I’m gonna tell you a story you can’t believe! It all started when me and Oscar went to a nature reserve. It was a beautiful day and the sun reflected through the trees onto a glistening lake. Suddenly a buzzing noise came from behind us. Rapidly, I turned around. A distant hovering figure was coming towards us. The lush landscapes around it rustled silently. As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was, but it turned out a dragonfly! It was beautiful! “Look!” I breathed excitedly. It had turquoise crystal wings and a coal black body. 

Journey of the Bicycle

Once, a argument raged between Bella and Stanley. Bella owned a bicycle so magical it could come alive!

One day, Bella woke up to find the bicycle had been stolen. Lucy, a young girl volunteered to find it. The journey had begun!

Unfortunately, Stanley lived in a forest guarded by snakes! She ran between the russet but was surrounded by the slithering creatures!

Fortunately, Jacob the woodpecker picked the lock with his beak and Lucy ran  in with Jacob behind. They quickly retrieved the bike.

Eventually, Lucy got back drenched, but happy to have achieved their goal and won a medal.


Ruby Red

I fluttered out of the cave and was amazed that I saw someone entering the mystical hallway. “I am going to keep a good eye on her,” I thought. A few hours later I saw the lady holding a rich lush and unique ruby shining as scarlet as blood. “Wow!” I breathed, they must be priceless. When the lady was about leave at around dusk I hatched a plan that I told to my fellow bats. The plan was this (don’t tell anyone!) that we would swarm around her. We did that and she dropped the ruby and fled miraculously.

The Baby Elephant with a Funny Name

“Mum, I’m thirsty!” said Purple the elephant as soon as she woke up, “can we go to the big stream now?” “Yes,” said her mum. But what she didn’t know was that it was a ocean. When they got there Purple started drinking, then she saw a group of seahorses rush by. In the afternoon, she was coming home from hunting and her mum saw a hunter. Purple managed to go in time, but Mum didn’t. Cautiously, she went from behind the tree but only saw a pile of bones and avocadoes which she ate for her lunch and dinner.