Ruby Red

I fluttered out of the cave and was amazed that I saw someone entering the mystical hallway. “I am going to keep a good eye on her,” I thought. A few hours later I saw the lady holding a rich lush and unique ruby shining as scarlet as blood. “Wow!” I breathed, they must be priceless. When the lady was about leave at around dusk I hatched a plan that I told to my fellow bats. The plan was this (don’t tell anyone!) that we would swarm around her. We did that and she dropped the ruby and fled miraculously.

The Baby Elephant with a Funny Name

“Mum, I’m thirsty!” said Purple the elephant as soon as she woke up, “can we go to the big stream now?” “Yes,” said her mum. But what she didn’t know was that it was a ocean. When they got there Purple started drinking, then she saw a group of seahorses rush by. In the afternoon, she was coming home from hunting and her mum saw a hunter. Purple managed to go in time, but Mum didn’t. Cautiously, she went from behind the tree but only saw a pile of bones and avocadoes which she ate for her lunch and dinner.

a Tale from a Busy Gentleman and Wife

“I was just thinking, you never told me about your life when we were parted,” said Mrs Gordon. “This is mine…    …I was in the jungle when I got stuck to the ground by a greasy melted thing, so weird! Lucky,  I was because some one helped me…,” she trailed off. Mr Gordon took the chance to speak ” Well, I was in the bakery when someone said I had to make a brown  bread with salt on top!” Now, Mrs Gordon went in, “Hey, why do we go to the zoo? I’d like to see the silly, funny giraffes

The Wild Life Of Doom (A twisted play)

Scene 1 -Two girls are walking down the high street.

Ruby:          (Happily) Look! A poster for a N Y E party on 31.12.18, that’s today  and it’s in 1 hour!

Emily:        ( Excitedly) Yeah! Lets get ready!

(Ruby and Emily get dresses on)

Scene 2 – At the party in a spooky hall

Ruby:          Lets get a fresh loaf of bread!

Emily:         Yeah! That’s a good idea!

(The girls head to the bakers buffet)

Emily:          Oh no! A fire, everyone fled!

(Both run around the hall warning people)

Ruby:          (Worriedly) Is everyone out?

(The next day the whole hall had burned down)

Emily:        The news says this is the Fire of London




Villain World

In a street decades ago there was a town full of villains, but there was one only training. He was called Pinkie and she loved being a villain. She the next day she passed. But the step was thinking what to steal. Well she thought Silver bolt has stolen the Eiffel tower, the Town TV and the Egyptians Mummy. She was  of thinking then she thought of the Statue of Liberty. “Yes!” she said aloud “I will steal that.” and just a year later she got her dream come true. Pinkie was in all the papers and she was very happy.