Jungle of the giants

Two centuries ago there was a man called Brown Greasy and he was a manager for salt. One day a brown melted giraffe came in and said, "Do you know the jungle of the giants?" 
Brown Greasy said, "It's just a myth."

no it isn't! he shouted is to hot for us bcos of your mishins n come in this portel

the most haunted plays in the world

Once in 1984 there was a school and lots of children went missing.In  2019 4 children went to the plays. One of the children said is this wise? They found a door that was barricaded by something so they smashed a window and climbed in.  They found a classroom and there were no children but it sounded like children were laughing. This is creepy said one of the children. aaaaaa wot was that he soar one of the children being dragged into a room by a poltergeist. Only one of the children managed to escape. The other two were never found.

The Tow Eggs

A long time ago there were two eggs and they  were very lonely eggs .  They slowly came alive and they were black and they weirdly had a fringe and they liked flicking dirt. One hot day, they decided to explore because they got tired of


The Robots

A long time ago there was two girls called Annabel and Poppy . One day they found a game. Shockingly, when they started playing the game robots appeared but they were not kind so you had play