One day I went to the Saracen’s Head. The staf were very busy. They had given my Dad about three pints of beer. But a man was trying to get out of a door. He was trapped because the door was crushing him. “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted, “but the door is too heavy and I’m carrying a pizza!” hold on to that pizza its my pizza I will save you wow this door is heavy


Hey I am Harry and I would like to tell you a story about when I lost my arm. It was a snowy morning  I was out to get some fish when the bucket broke. I had to go back  to my old unsaf shack. I repaired my bucket. Then I headed out side and then I couldn’t see what it was when it was coming


Red Fields

It was 1899 and World War 1 had not begun.  Harry was playing in the fields where was would be fought.  No one had any idea about what was going to happen in the future. Quite a few years later, war broke out. He had no idea what that the rtseasna were cidnaping his mum on his 16 th berthday. He went to the feaulds but he herd somthing bang my arm said Harry.Kid i am so sory get in the trench said a small man holdin a gun.Bing shot on my 16 th berthday  the persun helped him he said the war startid