The Statues That Come to Life

Once there were three statues standing near a coffee shop. A girl called Hannah and a boy called Dylan were at the park. Suddenly the statues came to life. “Run!” said Hannah. They hid behind the bush, but the statues called to them. “We’re good statues” they said, “Come and play with us.” The children came out and had a scrumptious picnic with the statues. Next, they slid down the slippery slide and swung as high as they could on the swings. Finally they went home.  The next sunny day they returned to the park, but the statues had turned back to stone.
















































One thought on “The Statues That Come to Life”

  1. I love this story. It really shows you that sometimes things may seem scary, but in reality, they are not. I am glad the children trusted these friendly statues and gave them a chance. Can statues eat lunch too? Keep up the awesome writing!
    Mrs Long, St Charles IL 100wc

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