scared of climbing

Early one day, there were two teenagers. They went to a comic book shop. They went to a super hero stand. They moved it to the front of the shop. Suddenly they teleported to the top of a mountain. Luckily one of them could climb so he climbed down. Unfortunately Oliver couldn’t climb. When Kaz reached the bottom of the mountain a person came and Kaz told him about his friend stuck up on the mountain. The person sighed, “But how did he get up there?” He answered, “We teleported up there. I don’t know how can you help me?…”

One thought on “scared of climbing”

  1. Hi Atharva!

    I really liked your story! It was a really interesting way of using the prompt, for someone outside of your main characters to say it right at the end. This tied the story up really nicely. I also enjoyed your story idea- book shops I always think do have a slightly odd atmosphere, so many stories, waiting to be read! Perhaps it was one of those comic book stories into which your characters had been transported!

    However, I think that for your future stories it would be good if you could make sure that it is a little more easy for the person reading it to understand what is happening- I was a bit confused about what was going on in some places. I’m sure if you ask your teacher they can help! 🙂

    Keep on writing!

    Ana, Team 100 WC

    Oxford, England.

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