pokemon xwing

ONE   a   upon     a  time    the   w wos    a     reu     pokemon       on       the     loos    as    was     as    was   alon   sohehadaorinj

how to train you,re dragon

Once upon a time there lived tons of dragons. Hicup saw all of the dragons and he chose one of the dragons and he was called toothless, and he tort him how to fly blow fire out of his mouth. Andthen they saw drago. Andthen they had a fight. Hicup nealy won but,he coudn,t win yet. They were fighting on a boat. The waves rising up to the top of the boat.  Drago lost so he was a partypooper. Hicup won everyone cheared. Hicup was the champion and lived happily ever after. So he felt so proud of his people.

the fitl get

Once upon a time    they  wos     a    man   cold    Steve.       Wun          dan    Stve   goot   to   work.    he was  going  to  fly.   He got    in   his   get

The teacher


One sunny  day there lived a teacher she went to get in the bath because she wanted to smell nice for the party  is the time to dance with her partner  she was very  clumsily at dancing it is time for the big time for the big time


Once there lived a girl who loved dancing and singing  and she moved very  clumsily. she jumped into her bath. She got out and started singing, dancing and fighting like a street fighter . She made a orange juis .She went out to a show.  she won. she was so proud . but then she was sad becuas  her friends were criying .She went home feling  difrent  like tiyed so she went bed. the next morning  she had brectfas  so happy she went to jessicas  birthday ,wached a film had a sleep ofer  in the morning dun pammper