The robber who was a alien

One dark day, in the dark forest there lived a robber and no one knew what he looked like. All they knew about him that he was clever because he had made eight dens and an invisible cloak and he was so rich. A few days later, Oscar and Ralph were making a plan. The plan was to make goggles that will see though his invisible cloak . At night they found him but he was not human he was a alien and he chaste then round and round the police garden in till they stopped because they had no money  

Tommy Turtle

One Summer’s day, a girl and a boy called Olivia and Jack  were walking in the forest. They had a pet turtle called Tommy.On that day he climbed a colossal tree. Olivia  and Jack didn’t  know  he was up a tree until now. Their turtle was scared “But how did he get up there?” exclaimed Olivia. Jack and Olivia found a ladder. “He must have climbed up that ladder ,”shrieked Jack. They got home and sat down. It was bed time. They tucked themselves in and drank their milk. There reckless turtle was sleeping in his bed. He snuggled up.

scared of climbing

Early one day, there were two teenagers. They went to a comic book shop. They went to a super hero stand. They moved it to the front of the shop. Suddenly they teleported to the top of a mountain. Luckily one of them could climb so he climbed down. Unfortunately Oliver couldn’t climb. When Kaz reached the bottom of the mountain a person came and Kaz told him about his friend stuck up on the mountain. The person sighed, “But how did he get up there?” He answered, “We teleported up there. I don’t know how can you help me?…”

The Honey Badger

A few years ago there lived some people called Kevin (master of wind), Jeff (master of nature) , Bob (master of gravity). One day Jeff, Bob and Kevin were of to the rain forest and they were hoping to find a Honey Badger. When they got there they realised a Honey Bagger was rite in front of them. they thought something looked fishy about the Honey Badger. It looked like it was a master of ice or speed because it got up a tree in a second Jeff exclaimed ” but how did he get up there?” I’m the master of speed.

tripe to New York

One impeccable morning, I went to New York. I got my teddy, but how did he get up there  on top of the cupboard? I cautiously peeked my head out of the window, so dad couldn’t see me. Immediately I saw the statue of liberty . I ran downstairs ,and I opend the door to say hello to mister Parker , ” hello young man how ya doing” he asked, “fine thanks” I mound ( because I was teird ) he gave me a 1$ note. to spend in the arcade but , I gave it back to him (because I was a kind boy and kind