The Baby Tiger

It was night and it was  time  for  Loise to go bed.  She had a dream  there was a mummy  tiger  and a daddy tiger . The mummy  was siting  down and the daddy was caching  fish . When he came  back  there was pacuij  .” when did it arrive ?” I said” just now.”” have you drunk  lots of water .”   how are you “said mummy tiger”  no” said  daddy tiger shod I stay or shod I go?


my birthday

On  my  birthday , I went down the stairs and there  was a dog .” When did it arrive?” I said “right now “mum said .”Can I take him on a walk?” I said.” Yes” mum said “yes!” I said. We went  to the street and they was tunnel and Barney went in it . Should I go in it or  should I not go in it ? ill go in it to save him. I’m in it I found  him with a bird a hurt one. I get him and the bird I walk home with them  I help the bird and him.

The Runaway Dog

Once upon a time there lived two  girls named Amy and Ella. One day there was a nock at the door.” Amy there  is a nock at the door shod I go get it” Ella said. ”No” Amy said . In the morning   I creped down the stairs to look at the package I opened  the package a dog was in there  ”When did it arrive?” I said. Amy came  down stairs ”can we keep him pleas ”I said.” Ok” I took him to a park and then I lost him. I looked everywhere. Suddenly I saw him running in the forest.

The Dog

One day, a dog arrived at my door. “When did it arrive?” I said. I took her to the dog  park. “by the way my name is Esmé. I let gorgy that’s my dog by the way. she went to play, I sat dawn and red the noostpar one awrr latrr I cilled gorgy  ran back to me I fasnd her led and worrt home but on the way home we sore asp or I went in I fort shall I or shall not I did.