The seven trees who saved the world

Once upon a time, there were seven trees.  They were  in the woods, but they weren’t any old trees. They could come alive. The next day, a scientist called Alice went into the woods. She look at the seven trees and saw them all moving. Then she went back to her house and made a potion, but nobody knew what the potion was for. It would turn the trees into superheroes. Then she  went  back to the trees and pot  it on  the trees. Suddenly they were superheroes  she went back to  her house and made cack  for the trees

shadow snatcher

It was a frosty December night. There where some trees that came  alive. Every  night the trees sachet  little children out of the beds. But this night they stood as still as a post. A boy came past the trees. “Shade the boy we need to catch him “said Kobe. As the boy went past Kobe put out his arm out but the boy was a clever boy so he ripped Kobe’s arm of. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrw that heart” said Kobe. “I’m growing to get you for that “said Kobe. So he started to chase after the boy. After a wile Kobe fell head fist


The trees who took over the world

Once there stood twenty trees. One day a little boy called Oscar and a big  girl his sister called Tilly were in the woods .Then there dad called he is a scientist .”  Oscar Tilly I made these trees come to life” said there dad .”Ah” said  Oscar .” Don ‘t worry Oscar and Tilly they are not bad ” said there dad. ” Yes we are bad ” said the twenty trees .” Lets go for a picnic actually I’ve changed my mind ” said Tilly .There dad didn’t hear when the trees said they were bad so he poured a potion over the trees  they  grew .Crash  the world was destroyed .


Naomi and Charlotte

Naomi and Charlotte went to a park together to play together.  “Can you do me a favour please Charlotte?” said Naomi. “Please can you give me a piece of tissue.”

Charlotte passed her the tissue and Naomi blew her nose.

“Thank  you for doing it for me,” said Naomi, ” Please could you play with me?”

Charlotte said, “We should play skipping with our friends.”

And then they played Duck Duck Goose with their family. They played hide and seek and no one found Naomi.  Then they went home and they went to sleep.