Santa Runs out of Money

Some people do not get Christmas . And Santa pays thousands of pounds .He thought he mite as well give up so he shouted, “H.E.L.P” He needed it. Santa was running out of money. He decided that he wouldn’t do Christmas that year.  Instead he just sat on his big sofa and drank a cup of tea.  The children were confused on Christmas morning when there were no presents.  When they went back to school they said to their friends, “I behaved well but I didn’t get any presents.” The next year, lots of people helped Santa but they were exhausted.

Santa’s Elves

Once upon a time there lived Santa and his elves. And they worked in the workshop. They were working hard. But they were exhausted. Then  something  happened it was very bad. The computer  and they did,t  know  who wanted  want. It was really bad. Christmas  was rooined. And then a child came and  helped  and they saved Christmas  and delivered the present . And  then they got to their house. And they put their present under the tree.

My clean little sister

Once upon a time there was a girl called Freya and she had a clean little sister called Ava. She was so clean that she had a bath three times a day. She said to her one day, “Do you want to play in the muddy mud?”

“NO I don’t want to get dirty,”  she said.

” Okay I will go on my own,” said Freya sadly.

Ava watched her sister having fun in the mud and she thought about other people having fun and went to play.  They ran about in the mud and jumped up and down but they were exhausted.

Christmas Shop

One day there was a Christmas shop and it opened very early. Lots of people came to buy Christmas things. Baubles, trees, tinsel and lots more Christmas things. But one day the shop set on fire, but luckily everyone got out except a robber who was about to steal a star £500. Everyone clapped and cheered for the firemen who put the fire out the fire. The next day it was in the news paper and we were famous.