meek’s super adventure

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Meek.. One day meek and his family went to London’s sea life center . He sour a BIG fish with BIG fin’s it came to wad’s him it got biger and biger  as it came to wad’s him .  He got closer to the end off the sea life center and finaly he got there and had some food .  then he went home wen he got home he asked his mum if they code have a disco and his mum said yes and she put his favourite song on for him and he danced . the end .



how to train you,re dragon

Once upon a time there lived tons of dragons. Hicup saw all of the dragons and he chose one of the dragons and he was called toothless, and he tort him how to fly blow fire out of his mouth. Andthen they saw drago. Andthen they had a fight. Hicup nealy won but,he coudn,t win yet. They were fighting on a boat. The waves rising up to the top of the boat.  Drago lost so he was a partypooper. Hicup won everyone cheared. Hicup was the champion and lived happily ever after. So he felt so proud of his people.