Jaguar is the  sneakiest creature in the mountains.  He can sneak up on anything in the whole zoo. He has a really strong bite that can kill anything even a rhino,  maybe an elephant. His claws are sharp so he can kill a human. Jaguar hates vegetables. He only likes meet he doesn’t eat animals from the zoo only animals out side the zoo.He mostly eats bad wild stuff . If he sees a single piece of coloured fruit he will smash it in an instant.  If he sees a spider he would lick it  of the ground in a instant.

The magical mountains

Deep in the magical mountains lives a mystical animal called Gronkg the gorilla rhino. He loves other animals and humans and hates evil antagonists. Gronkg was discovered in 1857 and has lived in the midnight zoo for 11000 years. He is 777 feet tall and weighs 777 tons! He is able to turn invisible and is super strong. His horn is blue like his body and is sharper than a super strong thorn and is as big as the nose of a fighter jet. He can back flip off the peak of mount Everest . If he slams the ground the world rumbles and all the villains die.

The Kung Fu Eagle

In the enchanted forest there lives a Kung Fu Eagle. His house is in the crater of a volcano. The Kung Fu Eagle’s real name is Jimmy. Jimmy likes to eat steak and beef. Jimmy left his home in 1955 and went to live in The Night Zoo. He has a special ability to sense any movement he also as a special ability makes him see from 1000 miles away. Jimmy likes to eat food such as dinner,  lunch, breakfast but, he dose not like seeing spiders and getting stuck in cobwebs. His skills are razor sharp claws and doing kung fu.

Super Turtle.

Jack is a turtle. He has a secret. His secret is that he’s a superhero! I know he’s a superhero he also lives in a pretty river on the side of a mounting.                                                                                                                                                                “I’m very cold in this river.” I said!

I like other animals but I don’t like walking slowly to the rescue because I am as fast as a cheater because when I’m happy I slow walk wich I don’t like I’m actually a fan of football I enjoy going in gaol as I said I live in a river a pretty one and I like saving people.