The fish

one day there was a boy how lived with an a fish the boy and the fish they remember when he got the fish. Then the boy gave the fish to his dad and ran to where he started. So he ran back to his dad and said : dad there’s a fire at the lake

Power rangers dino super charge

Looking back I remember power ranger sledge is history snide has taken over I wonder what he’s planning now “. On snide is ship a villain named stinch he has a loyal scout it was a rapid  ninja he is planning to steel the energems . Tlyer went back to his hideout it was under a dinosaur museum Kenndel


One day there was a guy called dark voyager. So he jumped out of the battle bus and landed in the snowy place and got his axe out and went hunting for the zombies. He tumbled into the storm and he had to run. The zombies came trying to attack him so he destroyed all of the zombies with two grenades. It was eventually morning. Looking back he remembered when he attacked the zombies. So he went running for bricks to make his base and be safe and have a great look out. So he rested in peace for now.

my dog

One day there lived  a girl called Isabella . She had two dogs  then her mum called her. Mum said she had to feed the two dogs. “Ok,”said Isabella and she fed them.  “After  mum, can I go to the park  with my friends?” asked Isabella.  “OK. Who are you going with?” asked Mum.  “Freya and Ellie. Who will look after the dog?” she asked.  “The dog can come,” said Mum.  “But no dogs are allowed  in the park,” said Isabella. “But it’s Bring Your Dog to the Park day today,” smiled Mum. Isabella had a nice time at the park.