Intergalactic space Ranger

Once not long ago in space there was a ranger called Intergalactic Ranger. His job was to patrol space his space shuttle looked like a rocket only it has larger boosters and mini-guns on each side of the shuttle just in case he flew into trouble . First he patrolled the moon were cows went flying across the atmosphere throughout the galaxy . Just then he saw an army of space villains aproching he knew what to do he pulled out his mini-gun and said “rest in pieces!” bang, bang and BANG  there that’s the last of them I hope he thought


Onece aponer time their was a little girl called  Stephanie and she loved to play roblox and her fave game to play was royale high and she loved it whenever she played itm she loved herselfe and one day she played roblox and guess what she got a friend request and when she got a friend she cried but then she played the killer and momo clown game and when she played it when she went to bed she went into this nightmare and she screamd in fear omg I’m so scared Stephanie says why me just me oh well I will just have to go to bed in really bad fear well that the end of this story well bye.


Yesterday I was in the park and a tall man walked in! He just stood so I ran and tapped  him it felt like we were I roblox  I was so happy. he looked down at me and said hi I am not a boy I’m a girl and my name is Liv I said do you want to be my friend yes shore said Liv so why are you silver why don’t we go into escape jeff the killer and also we can except the friend request from you then we can go into a different game called mincraft okay said liv.


Once upon a time  there were two boys,and they were called Axel  and  Oliver. They lived in the world of Minecraft. One day they were killing noobs when they found a mountain of diamonds. When they took their tenth diamond, the mountain started to shake and a tall, thin figure rose out of the gems. The boys stared at him. “Are we going to fight this guy?” muttered Oliver. “I’d rather we did,” said Axel. So Axel threw a potion and the thin figure started to lose some health. He found some TNT and lit it. The man blew up!

big foot

one day it was Barcelona v ware lions started playing it was kick of after 10 minutes Barcelona where on a stunning attack with Neymar on a amazing sprint up the left wing he did a asstonating  cross to Messi he kicked it as hard as he could at the goalkeeper  brock his hand so they needed a sub goalie but they had none left big foot came he was a good goalie because his foot covered the hole goal the opposite team started kicking him they all got a red card except there goalkeeper so they basically one the end