the man who made his own shop

once upon  a time  there was a man  who was homeless he needed money someone offerd him to have a shop called Adidas  his name was called axel  he said which way to the shop then axel it panted then axel started decorating it  he painted it white and black  his thirst costermer came in and said he needed better shoes he offered him some black ones  then a nother comsterm then a another  and another and another  the first day he made 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 he made it better and better every day one time  he became so rich the  eeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddd.

The wild broken robot

“The brand new robot 6000 is out . it comes with a car 500 you should get it.” Theo liked robots and car so he bought it . when  he got it.  it was broken so he went “Which way to the shops “it panted well the boy did. he made it in his toy car… when he got it back it ran. he got in his toy car he said “that’s rare ” it took 1 hour to get him and he went home “were here” he played with them all night and all day . his dad went on an adventure in the deadly forest.

Minecraft:Haunted Neighbour

Once, someone named TBNRfrags he had just moved into a new neighbourhood he met two new neighbours their names were James and Steve he went over and said ”Hi I’m TBNRfrags . ”Hello I’m Steve this is James we were about to watch the game tonight wanna join?” ” Shure the cowboys are going to win. After time it became night he was exploring his house when he heard a noise that sounded like stabbing he looked out the window and saw Steve a struck of lighting hit between their window when it passed he was gone which way to the shops…

www world

One day in www  world there was a alien called Bob. “Which way to the shops?”, it panted angrily at its wife Bobeaner.  (It was an angry alien.)

“Left, left and left again,” replied Bobeaner. But she was lying and when Bob went she flew in a spaceship back to earth.  Bob ended up back at his home and he was really angry with his wife but he could never find her.  He wanted to get his revenge but he didn’t know what planet she was on. He explored the whole universe but she was actually in a different one.

Weird Cactus

Once upon a time there were two boys called Bob 1 and Bob 2 and they had a pet pink cactus. The cactus loved to eat bread. One day it went to the shops to buy bread. “Which way to the shops?” it panted to a pebble. “I don’t know,” said the pebble, “I’m just a pebble.” ok said the pink cactus .there is the shop ,he walk to the shop. it got his bread and whent to a