The Leopard

One day, there lived a leopard called Jack and he loved tennis. So he went to the tennis shop to buy a purple tennis ball and also grabbed a tennis racket to play tennis at the tennis caught. His friends were there so he played with them. There names where Ollie, Freddie, Heath and Alfie so they even went swimming poll they went crazy in the poll.


One  hot  day  a boy  and   pig were playing. The  boy name was Corey   and  the pig was name  Piggy . The next hot day Corey and Piggy went  out. To the zoo and they had a ice cream   next they play but.

Hello,” Corey shouted     to Piggy .  piggy   side

Hello  back






The athleatic leopard

one rainy day there lived a leopard called Isabella. and there was three boys called Laurence, Finleigh and Freddie his nickname is Fredsta ! And my name is Gracie. My friends are called Alice, Poppy, Martha. I saw a leopard I called it a nick name it was Iizzy . So I asked the boys if they would look after Izzy.We went to pick a berry when suddenly…we found a purple Tennis racket. Martha picked it up and said “huh who’s tennis racket is this?”.  Alice said “I don’t know” Poppy said picking it up “lets  take it to the shops”. she said.

The King and Queen

One royal  morning, there was a King called Kobe and a Queen called Naomi. The next morning, Kobe wanted  an egg for his  breakfast  and Queen Naomi wanted beans on toast . After , breakfast they went for a walk. But,Naomi got hit with a purple tennis ball .Then, they found a leopard  and then Naomi grabbed it .Then, they saw  a shop and it was closing .After that, they went over there and they brought the shop .In it they put  some of there  stuff they don’t need any more .Then, they were very happy together with there shop and everything .


Slime World

One stormy day in the mysterious slime world  Blob  the slime brick was bouncing on his bouncy castle with  his two pets Tennis Leopard and Hedgeroo. Tennis Leopard loved playing with purple and green balls. Hedgeroo  always won but Tennis Leopard always grabbed the ball to play another match. Hedgeroo liked to watch TV and play on his Xbox. All Blob did was jump around all day . But  one day Blob got lost. Tennis Leopard and Hedgeroo looked every place in town. They even checked the place they hated the shops, but when they got home he was just on the roof.