Week 13: Mysterious Jungle by Matilda

“A cupall of years ago, me and Chloe P and Alice R were stooping through the rainy rainforest looking for hurt and helpless animals wich there always are some helpless, hurt animals somewhere in the amazon rainforest just somewhere but…this was a mysterious jungel so ho nos what there is in here, We travaled through the magical amazon rainforest where greens grow, Blues Blue, waters were waveing it was magical but when we were at the pound and…american crocodile open its jaws. It was trebible because Alice R fainted I was find We tried to run but…the tiger was blocking our escape…”

Week 13: Camp Danger by Alice R

Many years ago, will me, Tilly and Isabella were camping In the Amazon rainfuset a poinsis snak hist at us so we flead as farst as we cood because we for it wood powsn us the snak chast us to a tigs lair the tiger was frends wiut the snak so they srond us thair was a spas to frod frow so we trid to get parst the tiger but the tiger was blocking are escape so we trid then sid will the sanake on but he was blonking are excape so we clind up a tree I said OK you tow stai quiet or their goe

Week 13: Rainforest Adventure by Lyra

Many years ago, I was in a rain forit wive Marther and Grace. We wer wauking in the river wen I troded on a algater. We ran so fast we lost him and then I sor a tiger. The tiger was blocking our escape we cambered up a tree we song acros the vins like munckeys We mad freids wit the tiger We went to a cave and had tea and then I said “run a crocdil” then Grace said “run farster” Marther said “Ime runing as fast as I can”…

Week 13: At the Zoo by Kobe

At the zoo me and Dylan was at the pegwens seeing them swimming. They dived in next we whent to the tigers but one escaped. It was chasing us but it ran farster. The tiger was blocking our escape. Lukly i had sum meat

We gave the tiger the meat. the tiger almost bit Dylan’s leg off. Dylan chlimb up a tree but sudnley my mum and DaD came but then Dylan’s mum and Dad came to. ¬†They took him home.

Week 13: Amazon Adventure by Martha

One day, When Lyra and I were walking in the Amazonean Rainforest to Look for an anchint Butterfly we suddenly came accross a Big, angry tiger So we ran and ran throgh cobwebs and vines and we went Past a warty frog too. we finnelly reached the ege of the Jungle but the tiger was blocking our escape. “my name is Macy and I may Be able to help you if you awnser my questions correctly are you Jusy m…m…MayBey OK said the tiger come on this Boat No thank you…we said are you sure?