the evil hand

There was mysterios  colour in the sky, people were running for shelter and there stood the arrogant hand ”I have come for my gold” said the hand. Meanwhile a robber had stolen the hands gold the robber saw the hand. T

The Hand

One cloudy day a hand appeared. It jumped down from a building and it started to  chuck things around.  People were scared because it was frightening.  They screamed and shouted and stood still and glared at the hand.  The hand was shiny and scary.  It was a massive hand and it was in the city jumping from car to car. He grabbed a train he chucked around the city. be quite !!!! said the hand to the hand fighter people.

The evil scientist and the hand

“I’m a evil scientist”. I have made an angry hand. One night me and my hand were sleeping and my hand escaped. He jumped quickly over a building and tried to destroy the world.  I came to look for him and I started to destroy the world as well. We broke some buildings, shot some people, killed the queen and ate the animals. We made the world evil and made some new people. We were amazed with all the stuff we had done.  A superhero came and stopped us.  She put us in jail and gave us to the police.

Gold Thief

There   was    an    eerie     colour in   the   sky,  people    were   running   to  the   shelter   and  there   stood   the   evil   hand.  ”I have come to steal your gold,” sighed the hand. The people sprinted to their homes and stayed there until the next day.  The hand tiptoed on his fingers to the castle but a super hero saw him steal the gold.  He fought him and won.  Then he took the gold out of his hand and hid it in the laundry.  And   he went to save some other people from the evil hand.

The evil hand with a face attached to nothing.

Once there was a hand attached to nothing. It was evil and it was standing on a roof top and jumped down and…ATTACKED someone! It was a disaster and everyone gathered around him… but he was ok  so everyone ATTACKED the hand! The hand was furious and jumped around saying, “Ouch!  That hurt me!”. The hand started to break the city. He destroyed the houses and demolished the shops.  Every thing was broken and in pieces and they were all miserable so the people rebuilt the shops and houses.  Then the hand ran back home and every one was happy.