In the beginning  the good father Christmas was flying on his slay, it was snowing on snow. Little did father Christmas know a robber was in the snow, and  wanted to steel  the presents. He was dressed like Father Christmas. Each time Father Christmas delivered the presents,

Masters of the Rainforest

In the  beginning  Dexter master of fire , Oscar master of lightning  and Ralph master of ice and me master of Death and earth and we were in the  amazon rainforest looking for hart animals and bleeding ones in the rain forist but we accidentally entered a hantid house then… we were in prisin and max.h came to rescue

The Escape

… In the beginning … there were three girls Chloe ,Matilda and Alice and we were trap  in the amazon rain forest.And we lived in a tall tree . ssssssshhh

in the attic

In the beginning of my 9th birthday I awoke with amazement.  I was so exited I wondered if I would finally get what I wanted my very own phone. I was unwrapping my presents and I got a torch and a book I was very disappointed. later on I went in the attic it was dark and gloomy I was scared suddenly there was a terrible noise from the corner I was super scared now I wondered what  it was i was sure it was a mouse or a rat but it was scary it came out and I saw…