The crazy land of fish

Before fish existed a little  girl called Lyra went  to  the seaside and she  went into  the  sea.  Her  brown, shiny, silky hair  blew  in the  wind . Then there  was a  tornado.  Lyra suddenly  was not Lyra –  she was .. a goldfish! She  was  wiggling  and  fidgety.    She spotted a ladder so she climbed  it and found herself in a magical underwater land. “At  last!” she sighed slowly.  She swam across the ocean. Suddenly  she saw  a big, ghastly grin faceing  her. She was so petrified. “Mmmmm,”  said  the shark!  An eagle picked her up and they flew to a safe place.



The super boys

centuries ago, there lived four super boys. They saved everyone. They all had a goldfish. They went up the brown ladder to see the view. The birds flew slowly. The grass was waving beautiful. The view was lovely. They went back down the brown ladder. Mum the view was beautiful, said the boys. Good, said the Mum. They saw a villain trying to attack a person. WE NEED TO HELP HER. So they helped her. Stop said the boys. They saved the person. The boys went home. Mum we saved a nover  person. AMAZING, said the mum. The end.

The God fish.

Long, long ago in an Aquarium there was a God fish the rarest fish of all of the goldfish in the Aquarium. Later that day, a  snail slowly slithered towards the fish bowl and found a brown ladder and the said “You are now called the God  fish ” the snail said. After the snail said that he flew off of the brown ladder and into the fish bowl. The God fish was worried about the snail but it was ok because he was a sea snail and sea snails can breath under water

the lost house

One enchanted night there was a creepy, brown wardrobe in a dark room  with cobwebs. In the wardrobe was equipment.  Equipment for what? Several years later the house got painted and made into a real house  but still people didn’t know about the equipment. What could it be?

The next day “I wander what our new house is like ?” asked a little girl.  “We’re nearly here !” The family went inside. They climbed up the crooked stairs and found the room with the wardrobe. They were petrified but they opened it. Inside was a ladder leading to a goldfish which flew away slowly.


Camping day

One day , a girl Hannah and her sister and brother Alex and  Rebecca were going to go camping . “Have you packed your  bags Alex and Rebecca ?” said Hannah. “Yes” they said. 

“Can we take the goldfish?” asked Rebecca.

“No,” mum said, “you can’t.”

“Let’s go,” said Hannah. They flew slowly on Hannah’s eagle to the forest and went through the clouds. Were here