Although they run quickly they were still not making any progress.  they were tiring to win a marathoth. mum and dad  shouted you can do it you can do it you can do it .

Magical Cherry Wood

One day, there were two little girls. One was a lama and one was a raccoon. They were both very best friends. They lived in a small village. Every weekend they would go on a new adventure and this time they were thinking of going to a new wood that had some  exiting things. On the weekend they went too the magical cherry wood. They went into a cave. In the distance they could see pink skeletons. The skeletons chased them but although they ran quickly , they were still not making enough progress.  They got away but would the skeletons return…

the run

One    sunny  day   some   girls       was   born    and     was   named  Alice  ,Lyra , Gracie  ,   Martha and  Grace.  one  day   Martha   and    the  girs    wet        to   a   rass    one        for    the   girls        whispered    we   ur   going     to      win   diss   rass   grace      chat    bake      yes   we         ur


police force

Two weeks ago, a boy called Arthur  and a girl called Millie decided to sign in for police training. The next day they started police training and first what they did the monkey bars then they did a running course. Millie took 10 minutes to do it so she did it again . But Arthur took 1 minuet . When Millie did it the second time she was even slower so she did it again . She was quicker that time both of them did it one more time although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress but it was good enough . They finally got into the police force .