Tiger Wood

In the beginning there were three girls. They were called Chloe, Matilda and Alice R. They were going into the tiger wood.  They went to help animals, because they were hurt.  The wood was spooky and had a load of tigers creeping in the trees. Suddenly Chloe fanned  and  Alice  frow  up  the frog  helpt…

Tiger in the Park

In the  beginning Naomi  and charlotte went to play in the pack   sudlay …  we saw the tiger was attacking paepel ‘on lets go and help them’ said Naomi ‘ocky lets go’ said charlotte ‘loock  they got sckracht.

Magic Molly

In the beginning Molly was looking outside and she saw a horse and there was somebody on its back.  Esmé was sitting on the horse’s back galloping towards the house. Alice is stuck in a tree shouted Esmé . Lest get Tilly. O cay les go then . Can the horse go eney faster?

Lyra and her adventure

in the beginning there were 2 girls and 1 boy and their names were Edmund Lucy  and Lyra. One day they looked at a picture of a ship and they got sucked into it! Pirates helped them on board and Prince Caspian was standing on the front of the boat gazing at the sea.   The children went to the forbidden sea where all your nightmares come true.  and then a monster jumped out of the water but they posh it back in and then aslan came.


In the beginning there were three girls called Alice Tilly Chloe. One day they went to the tiger woods suddenly a pretadecll  flew done I fainted  chloe frow up   and tilly was fine .Tilly wok me up but  the pteradll said the ”do you