Chaos at a school trip !

One day  a kind  girl called Mollie woke up. Her house had a porch and her gate was ramshackle.  She had a colossal house. She went to school  and she put her bag on her peg and sat at her desk . The bully called Edward snatched Sacha’s new bag .”Edward give Sacha’s new bag back, ” said the teacher . It was time to go .”Come class, ” said the teacher .Everyone got on the coach . “But what if I was in charge? ” said Mollie . The driver drove cautiously in the snow .  “We’re here,” said the driver . The class destroyed the dull museum.

The amazing day

one day, a girl called Olivia. She was out of  her house and she was going  to the toy shop  then  she changed  her  mind to the zoo but it’s  not  fun but  what if I  was  in charge ? She went to the office and asked if she could be in charge and he said “yes!” but  not this day. The next  day , Olivia went to work destroyed  the zoo by getting the key’s and let all the animas but not the lion’s there to fierce  and  cheetahs were driving cars everywhere in the par car park was super crazy…

Once upon a time, there lived three girls. There names where Esmé, Martha  and Mara. Esmé was selfish Mara and Martha don’t  lick it. One day Esmé said “but what if I was in charge of you… THE NEXE DAY, mum was poorly. So Esmé  was in charge. “IAM IN CHARGE!” cried Esmé. I ans your staying home. Martha and Mara didn’t lick it. So Martha and  Mara snuck at and went to school. As soon as Esmé  now  she  mached to the  gate  and  said


One  day , Holly and her mum and dad went to the dinosaur museum .And when she got  back she was exhausted. They went through  the ramshackle gate .  They  had  dinner and went up to bed  . Her mum  said, “Go to sleep.”  and turned of the light .  She slept  for a little  bit  and then  she fell in to a deep sleep and had a dream about school.  “But what if I was in charge of the school?” She dreamed she the headmistress for the day and it was amazing. She let everybody have fun and they all had a party.

Naomi at the tropical inland

once upon a time ,there  was a girl called Naomi and she dreamed that she can be encage of a tropical inland . The next morning ,she was sad because it was a dream . After that day she hade the same dream but it was real and she wanted to be encage of the inland. She felt good about it  because there’s know adults there  and there never will be but after a few days se was missing them so she found a tunnel and it led her were ever here parents were and had a good time with them