Harmony the snow leopard

In the spy snow land there lives a snow leopard called Harmony. He has lived there for five years.  he spends his days jumping, fighting, spying and climbing trees. He dislikes spiders, vegtibals and soup. his skils are jumping, spying and climbing trees. he is special because he is different to all of the snow leopards in the world he can jump and climb and his powers are shooting and peace. he loves peace and harmony. he likes scaring evil animals. at night he likes guarding the spy snow land. when he feels tired  he dashes to his house and go`s to bed.

strong monkey

The monkey was strong and the monkey is powerful with people the monkey is brave and a good climber and the monkey wants to clime the tree. The monkey was climbing the tree and The monkey was so dirty and The monkey was riley strong. The monkey was muddy very much. The monkey was so much muddy. The monkey can make the people away. The monkey was super muddy and the monkey is monkey. The monkey was he was went to swing on the tree. The monkey was riley muddy.

Tigs The Strong spider

Tigs   is the strong spider in the earth !

He lives  in the strong land .It is buotffi   . with amazing trees and  grow fast follows.

He loves to run , jump , clime   and go on anchors.

He dis likes being still and  not growing on advchos .

even no he is little he has a strong hart .














marcy the meerkat

Marcy the meerkat’s  home is in the half Luna moon forest. Her favourite things are mythic clouds and the enchanted waters of aqua.  She does not like dry, sandy places and cooked carrots. She can move really quickly and has AMAZING reflexes. She has a sceptre witch has healing powers.   She has a little blue blanket with a warm teddy as a comforter. She loves having her sleeping mask wherever she goes – the same with the comforter and blanket. She has dark brown fur as soft as a bed sheet and pitch black eyes to stare the baddies  FAR AWAY.


Many years ago these fascinating   creatures were extinct.  They always wore pitch  black cloaks with razor sharp teeth that sank  into any skin in the  world . The Devil Dancing Deer’s eyes shoot out scorching red laver, .They live in a volcano with  palm trees   beside it.  Its body has crimson dots on it  ,  and  it always carries a dagger in its  hand and it has got grimy grubby nails  which can never get  washed , even   in the  cleanest  water. When  it’s mad it dances  with  rage. He hates people bullying  other people and he hates people who are bigger than him.