Master Rhino!

A long time ago in a  realm far way, a brown goldfish was swimming in a colossal lake. Then,  the fish magically mutated into Super Goldfish! He attacked everything from monsters to ogres to goblins and saved aliens from monsters and people from aliens and more. Then the Venomous Viper of the Venoms realm threatened planet Obserderiea. Nobody could defeat him, not even Super goldfish.  He climbed up a  ladder slowly…  and jumped off a cliff and flew to India and got master Rhino! When they got home Master Rhino saw the viper and spat out gravel and killed him!


One sunny day , when the London aquarium was packed full of people. Two very good friends Aj and Finn were being watched playing together . Suddenly, someone fell over Aj couldn’t bear watch the poor child cry the little brown goldfish flew up the ladder slowly. “STOP YOU CAN’T FLY YET.” But he couldn’t hear . PLOT he fell face first on the floor! ERRR

R are you ok said Finn the stingray “err   yeah. ” said Aj. Just then,  a mirical happened he grew arms and legs and flew out and helped him up and back in to his tank. The  END

The Goldfish

Once upon a time, a goldfish lived in the sea and he wanted to find the goldfish tomb and his family and travel the sea a year ago he flew out of the sea and saw the tomb in the pacific ocean he has trailed a mile from his home he is going to trawl a mile today. Once he got to the reef and he met some anger snappers came at him he found some holes in the he slowly backed up and saw a brown ladder and found his family and asked they got past the angry snappers.



A flew days ago,  me, Chloe, Tilly, Sofie and coco our dog. We went for a walk in the light woods. Finally we reched the woods were exsorstid  when we firs

the goldfish

Once apon a time, A goldfish was board and lonely one day, the fish asleep and dreamed about having fun in the aquarium . The next day, The fish woke with a fright then he swam round and round looking for his brown ladder then he found it. After that, he lent the ladder on the edge of the goldfish boll and hopped up it. He jumped down and started hopping he hopped out of the door. After a wile, He didn’t see a rock and tripped and