One day there lived a group of girls named Lyra,  Martha,  Alice and do not forget Grace. They went to school. The teacher  was Miss Crunch and she was as strict as a peacock. Lyra thought, “But what if I was in charge?” She jumped on the girls’ table and shouted, ” We do not need this teacher.” They tied  up the teacher and pushed her out the door.  Martha said, “Let’s get sweets and pour them over the classroom!” They threw the tables around the classroom and ripped the classroom walls. Finally they painted the walls red, blue and green.

Once, dinosaurs existed then the dinosaurs died some skulls were ramshackle. millions of years later, in 2018 a boy was born and

world in Danger

Once, a city  lay outmost at the seafront,” why  is it a cloudy day” said Kian. But a dreadful overlord  and the overlord  said, “but I  want to be in charge world “said the overlord and when overlord said it darkness came…The next day he was trying to take people power. Kian was the only on that can destroy the overlord. Kian was in derives modojo.

The war between Britain and Italy In the stone age

  In the beginning there lived well there was people from the stone age. They were all  happy until a fight began. They called it the war between Italy and Britain . The leader was very boring  so I said but what if I was in charge ? when they first started most of them were dead  but  luckily the woman were crafting swords. So the  remaining  grabbed a sword  and went back  to  fight. When all the  Italian people were dead they went back to there  cottages . The woman still were crafting swords but better ones this time they fought again … The end

Big Trouble

Once there lived a boy called Terry whose parents were going on holiday without him . “Ok boy you’re not allowed to go to the zoo ,theatre, sweet shop, toy shop, museum, art gallery or the theme park, but you’re allowed to go to school and your family.” said dad. “But what if I was in charge? whispered Terry so he went to the zoo, theatre, sweet shop, toy shop, museum, art gallery and the theme park. But then there was trouble. His family came to visit but he did not know. There were tickets everywhere. He was in big trouble!