Titan death by 5

One summer me and the titans were swimming. When a chaos broke out. Cyborg drowned . Well sort off he was electrified and fell into the water . Now cyborg was dead Raven ( asked but what if I was in charge? ) After  Cyborgs funeral we learned that we can be the half titans. And we visited Cyborg every week .Six months later Beast Boy died. Nine weeks later Raven died then Robin then Star fire there were no more teen titans so then brother blood took over the world well destroyed it. And know rules mars know and forever. The end forever.


The Lion Army

A few years ago, there lived a boy called Leo. He always dreamed of owning a zoo. One day Leo went to the zoo and went to ask the zoo manger if he could own the zoo he said “but what if I was in charge” said Leo. “In charge of what” said the zoo manger. “The zoo” “let my think” said the zoo manger. ” no” ” come on” Leo said. “Ok you can own the zoo” “yes” said Leo. ” i will get one hundred pounds” yes  i tricked him” “now i can rule the world with my own lion army



One  day a million air decided to make a lab. he stole his brothers kids. he put a microscopic chip in there necks that gives them bionic abilities. there names are Adam, Bree and Chase. Adam got super strength , heat vision and blow breath. Bree got super speed and invisibility and Chase got meleklearkeneases, super intelligents and fire stick. the million air said remember i am in charge of you suddenly his evil brother called and said but what if i was in charge? what are you talking about i am beter then you ain’t i just believe it…

the sky worrier

Once there was a little girl called Millie  . Millie  had one best friend and  that was me Martha .We both had really big dreams  and we always went to the park . And when  it was snowing  one day I thought “but what if I was in charge  of the sky ?”  And  one day I was in charge. I made it rain. I made it sunny, but I accidently sent a fireball down and I called my pet hamsters who kicked and punched  it and made it fly off the earth. I said ,”thank you very much.” Night fell on the city .