Dan the deer

Dan the deer is new to the midnight zoo . He is very friendly to the other animals. He really likes good friends and super hot spicy chilli. What he does not like is the dark, meerkats and being bored. Dan the deer has got fantastic skills doing martial arts. He is very special because when Dan the deer rapidly runs he is so fast you can ‘t see him. He has been in many   fights so far with he’s friends and he has two little scars on his belly. Dan the deer is very very happy with he’s friends heer.


A cheetah called Joey lived in a jungle. He was eating some meat. He doesn’t like broccoli or carrots. He shoots out lasers from his paws. He has an epic speed. He can go eighty-one miles per  hour. He is invincible . He is very colourful and he is very generous . He is always very kind. He is always happy. He is as big as a tree growing.  When it is dark he is always awake.  When enemies rise  Joey fights every single one of them and he always wins.  He can do backflips. He shoots the enemies with his lasers.


Bob was the fastest tiger out of all the night zookeeper animals. He lived at deadly waterfalls. This was the place were all the tigers hung out. He loved playing hide and snatch. Hide and snatch was the most popular game the animals liked to play. What Bob disliked was the evil creatures that came to the world of the night zookeeper animals and attacked Bob. Bob was also a great snatcher. When they faced the evil spider Bob snatched the special ring . He can shoot awesome fire balls from his forehead and he has epic speed and is brave.

Lilly the COOL tiger

Lilly the cool  tiger is very happy and always kind to other people .She likes having fun and likes to eat meat.

But she is a  little bit shy because she is  not  use to new people .

And did I tell you that Lilly  has special powers? It’s that she has a special stripe   that has  power  to defeat bad people.

And I like her because she weighs  hardly  nothing   so I  can pick her  up and even though she is tiny  she can defeat lots of bad animals .

Lilly is a great tiger and a great fit for me .















































































Jaguar is the  sneakiest creature in the mountains.  He can sneak up on anything in the whole zoo. He has a really strong bite that can kill anything even a rhino,  maybe an elephant. His claws are sharp so he can kill a human. Jaguar hates vegetables. He only likes meet he doesn’t eat animals from the zoo only animals out side the zoo.He mostly eats bad wild stuff . If he sees a single piece of coloured fruit he will smash it in an instant.  If he sees a spider he would lick it  of the ground in a instant.