Outside The house

Veronica was bored. She was always bored these days.  She had to stay inside doing women’s work – baking and washing. “I’m bored of this nonsense I AM GOING OUTSIDE!” she declared so she packed a bag and left,” I am gonna look for a Diamond!” She had read books about where to find them… but what if she got lost and upset and cried. “Oh, I don’t care!” So she ran sprinting  out the door in search of a diamond. It had been a few months since Veronica left….She had no diamond… but a family she found on the way.

One thought on “Outside The house”

  1. Hello writer! I think I feel like Veronica sometimes, especially at the moment, of being inside doing ‘women’s work’! I really liked how you used the five words.. and how the last sentence brings a happy ending to Veronica’s story! You are a great writer… I feel your personality comes through in your story even though I have never met you! Well done!
    Ms. Tighe, Ireland

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