Oliver’s wild adventure

Once upon a time  there was a boy called Oliver he was in a game called mincraft he started of getting some wood. Then he had a wooden pickaxe so his goal was to get some cobbelston , coal and make a house but then he found some iron  but whattttt you cant get iron with a wodden pichake. But he had a crafting table on him and some sticks and cobblestone so he cood make a cobblestone pickaxe and he got a furnace  so he smelt the iron and then a they days later he found dimonds he lived happy ever after.

One thought on “Oliver’s wild adventure”

  1. Hi Oliver, thank you for this minecrafty story. I bet you ar a big fan and a good player too. I think you have got some good points in here and I particularly like the way you got the character, Oliver, to make tools so that he could get the diamonds and become rich. Very creative, well done.

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