massive cup

Decades ago, there were two boys named Alfie and Atharva. There was a friendly giant called the BFG.  The boys were seven to nine years old. The BFG was seventy to eighty years old. “Lets go outside” ,shouted Alfie.  “Yeh”, yelled Atharva.” Ok”, wepped  the BFG. A massive cup fell from the sky. Everybody ran into the massive cup. Everybody was shouting. It was so noise and loud. They all went out the massive cup. The next day, it was raining. We stayed inside.

2 thoughts on “massive cup”

  1. Great punctuation and capital letters today Alfie. Next time try using some conjunctions to vary your sentence structures e.g. The next day it was raining, so we stayed inside.

  2. Hi Alfie
    I loved the introduction of the BFG in your story. It is such a well known story that I’m sure that all of your readers can picture the cup possibly being thrown by the other giants in the story.
    Miss T team 100wc

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