loopa loopa!!

One unusual  day I had an extraordinary dream about a loopa loopa monster and I wanted to see if it was real, so I got off my ramshackle bed. The monster was scaring everyone, but what if I was in charge of the police? I seized my backpack, but I was scared of the eerie loopa loopa. I rushed over the creaky floorboards. In the distance i could see  her, she saw me too. She throo a person on a poilice car I blinked then I blinked again it was all a silly old dream I said to my self

4 thoughts on “loopa loopa!!”

  1. Shouldn’t the monster go to jail, because she threw a police officer against a car?

  2. Hey Rory it’s me Hexin. I love the loopa, loopa monster but one thing you spelt through wrong.

    in the distance i could see her, she saw me too. She __ through

    I needs a capital

  3. Hey Rory it’s me Dexter. I love the great words you’ve used. i love the part were the loopa loopa monster through a person on a police car.

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