the life of the three sculptures

One thousand years ago there lived three sculptures who always wished they could come to life. One day the three sculptures came to life they were so excited they went super crazy and they accidently ran into a museum. when they got into the museum there were three grey sculptures who said to them “HELLO” in a very loud voice. The other sculptures jumped back in surprise they said “who are you”. “we are your brothers somebody stull us and put us here”. oh” hello” and do you know how to get out of here? no I do not…

2 thoughts on “the life of the three sculptures”

  1. Hello Dexter
    That’s an interesting idea to start your story with such ancient statues! I wonder if they were drawn to the museum as they were so old. I like the idea that all the statues want to escape from the museum – it can’t be a very exciting life for them!

    Ms Breyley Burravoe School, Shetland Islands

  2. Hi Dexter,

    I can imagine that was very frightening to discover something that looks so similar to you. I am really intrigued as to how your sculptures are going to escape.. or if indeed, they will escape.

    Keep on writing!

    Miss Krijewski
    Team 100.
    Phuket, Thailand.

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