Isabella’s Magic Adventures

Once upon a year I think there lived a little girl called Isabella and she was in her house eating her breakfast when a volcano was about to arupt and as Isabella notest it she ran to the door. Suddenly a giant world wind aperd Isabella screamed as it suked her in. When she got outside she was in a different world. Isabella said she wanted to go on an adventure she was exited so she ran to see the cute dinosurs,scary puppies and funny clowns. but oddly she was back at her cosy house. Isabella was very very happy.

One thought on “Isabella’s Magic Adventures”

  1. Well, that was a bit of an adventure for Isabella! I like how you started your story making it appear that this was going to be a nice, ordinary story, then all of a sudden there was the action of the Isabella running, the volcano erupting and the whirl wind. Even using the word sucked made it a bit scary. When you used words like cute and funny this changed the whole mood and invited the reader into the adventure. Well done.

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