Intergalactic space Ranger

Once not long ago in space there was a ranger called Intergalactic Ranger. His job was to patrol space his space shuttle looked like a rocket only it has larger boosters and mini-guns on each side of the shuttle just in case he flew into trouble . First he patrolled the moon were cows went flying across the atmosphere throughout the galaxy . Just then he saw an army of space villains aproching he knew what to do he pulled out his mini-gun and said “rest in pieces!” bang, bang and BANGĀ  there that’s the last of them I hope he thought

One thought on “Intergalactic space Ranger”

  1. Oh wow, that certainly was the end of those space villains! I hope I never run into Intergalactic Ranger when I’m in space.

    I liked how you described his space shuttle as it gave me a pretty good idea of what it would have looked like.

    I was a little bit confused at first because there weren’t any full stops to let me know that the sentence, ‘It was his job to patrol space,’ had finished. I had to re-read it, so perhaps just check your punctuation next time.

    Overall though, I really enjoyed your story. Well done!

    Michelle, Team 100wc
    Melbourne, Australia

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