I am the boss

One day Naomi got job at the zoo. “The zoo isn’t fun, because they don’t let the visitors feed the animals, but what if I was in  charge?” said Naomi.  The next day the head zookeeper was sick! “Everybody, I’m in charge!” shouted Naomi bossily.  She stamped to the office and got the keys to the enclosures.  Then she went to every single enclosure and let out all the animals except the tigers, because they were vicious. The snakes slithered around the guests’ legs.  The elephants squirted lemonade round the restaurant.  The boss came back and he was livid!

One thought on “I am the boss”

  1. Well done Lewis!
    This is a super piece of writing and you have packed in a huge amount of ideas and description.
    Your characterization is very good too. Naomi is quite a character!

    Best Wishes
    Debbie team100wc Bristol, England

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