Greedy Andy

Once upon a time there was a boy called Andy and he was very bossy to his parents. One day he spoke to his in a rood way because he wanted the new Xbox and his mum and dad said no it is 10000 pound. Then they went out with there bikes but dad had a call from his boss and he said come back to work and dad said I am coming back to work. Dad got fired from work and Andy was mad.

2 thoughts on “Greedy Andy”

  1. Well, Andy wasn’t very nice was he? It would have been good if he had felt sorry for his Dad but looks like he still continues to be only thinking about himself. I think your story is good in the way it makes you think about how people can be selfish and it also shows how parents have to make sacrifices for their children.

  2. Hi Freya and Archi,
    Well done on your entry this week. Andy does not sound like a very likeable character. I feel sorry for the dad in the story too, he lost his job and Andy was mad at him.
    You haven’t included all the prompt words this week. (The other words were Pink, Bicycle, Bubbles and Empty).
    Keep on writing.
    Ms Brennock Team 100 w/c
    Dublin, Ireland

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