Fun in the garden

One week ago, there lived two girls called Olivia and Ava. They were both 10 years old. Olivia had brown hair to her elbows and Ava had blonde hair to her bottom. Early one morning, Olivia and Ava woke up, got dressed, brushed their teeth, put their shoes on and then went out of the door to play outdoor games. Once they had started a game of duck duck goose Ava said ¬†‘Olivia, next please can we play a game of ‘it’ and you be on?’. ¬†Olivia answered ‘yes’, so they played a game of ‘it’ and Olivia was ‘it’ first.

2 thoughts on “Fun in the garden”

  1. Good Josephine. Why not next time use some more adjectives to improve your work?
    Alice Anstead

  2. That was a very good story. I liked your use of direct speech but I would like to read some action like maybe what their game was like.

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