The Dancing stick men

A few years ago, there lived stick men and they loved dancing. And they had five children called Louise, Lucy, Lauren, Leo and Luca. The next dawn Leo and Luca sneakily ran away to the the city and trashed all the bins.  They stood very still like real trees and every time people walked by they tapped them on the shoulder with their branches and made them jump. The naughty trees felt excited and joyful.  They took people’s food and stole people’s drinks. They ran back to their cave with the stolen food and they danced and sang beautiful songs.

One thought on “The Dancing stick men”

  1. I knew it ! How mischievous of them!
    I had been to this Park merely a week ago and I felt someone tapping on my shoulder: I turned away but I couldn’t see anybody! And even more dramatic, I had prepared a delicious peanut butter sandwich to enjoy when I would return from school, crossing the Park, and suddenly, I felt as wind whirl of leaves around me and my snack had vanished!
    So it was Louise, Lucy, Lauren Leo and Luca!
    And did you know that your beautiful name is spelled in Portuguese in exactly the same way: “Ma-Til-da”!?
    Thank you for sharing such a cheerful story!
    I’m teacher Ines, from Portugal (Team 100)

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