Candy Land

One day, Ella and Giacomo  were in a plain going to see their grandma and gramps . When they were  half way there the plain exelarated throw the milky way and into candy land. Giacomo  said “use this red ladder to climb down to get something useful “ .They hopped down from the plain and stood on the floor of candy land.  “Yum   yum“ said Ella and Giacomo  . Suddenly  they fell off the pavement into sinking iceing . Ella pulled some coins out of her pocket and skatterd them on the candy it magekly  puled us out we ran for ages.







2 thoughts on “Candy Land”

  1. Well done.
    We thought your adventure story was amazing and very clever to use the coins.
    What did it feel like to sink into icing?
    We loved the word accelerated.
    Our class have been learning about homophones and we spotted one in your writing. Should it be plain or plane?
    From Colorado Class

  2. Hi there
    I have a special Terry Culkin toon for these writers but I can’t find your blog on any of the data bases.
    Could you email me on [email protected] & I can send it over.
    Thank you!

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