Long ago a young boy named tiny Bob was at home playing with his toys in his bed room .He was twenty nine he had a lot of toys to play with but one day he wanted to go to a very far away planet called mars he wanted Dave to come with him so Dave went with him to mars .So they went to the space station to the rocket when they landed bob hoped over to an alien and waved hello. Dave said it was time to go. Bob got home to have his dinner of fish fingers.

One thought on “BOB ADVENTURE ON MARS!”

  1. Hi Archie,
    Thank you for your story. Are Bob and Dave the same age? What an exciting adventure for them! How funny that Bob still got to have his fish fingers for dinner!
    I think your story would be even better if you edited it for punctuation (Capital letters and full stops especially, as I wasn’t always sure where some sentences began or ended).
    Well done and keep on writing,
    Team 100wc
    Melbourne, Australia

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