king kong

once there was a gorilla. then slender man came. so slender tried to hit him but he hit himself. and he burped. so he keeped on hitting himself. and then hit his stomach. and king kong puched him on the face. so king kong wen to bed. then he came out his house and there was Godzilla. and king kong was so angry. and killed him. so the game went backwards. so he wached some tv. and had a few drinks and popcorn. so he went to bed. and the gorilla burped.

star wars

Once a upon a time lived oliver and gregor and sum droids  and  they tried  to atuk  us and  we went to atak  them and we won went to fit bad gis . and  after that we went to the good  gis  bes and sum



The story

Once upon  a time there lived  a boy called james.     And his clock was seemed to be going backwoods. And he was late for school. And  got  toud   of and hat  to  tell his mum .  So he toud his mum.And his mum was mad.And so he went to his room.

The giant and the witch by Freya and Isabella

Once a pone time  there lived a giant and a witch . One day they  met  and got  mad  then ran away from each other. The witch jumped onto her broomstick but it seemed to be going backwards.  She landed in a pond.  It was full of frogs and ducks. The giant tried to capture the witch but jumped too high and tripped into the mud.

The boy who loved drawing

Once upon a time  there was a boy called riley .He loved drawing sonic pictuers . One Monday he was going to the shops to by more crayons  .He went home to draw sonic he went to bed it seemed to go backwords  .He tried  again to go up the stairs.