The boy who’s bike got stuck in a tree

One morning there lived a boy called Jeff. One day he decided to go for a cycle. In the amazon rainforest first he had to get his bike he cycled  past some trees but one of the trees sucked his bike it got stuck in that tree he jumped off Jeff’s bike was tightly stuck it would not move so he walked home. When he got home someone knocked on the door. I wondered what was behind my door it was my old friend Harry they went upstairs to play videogames they both played super Mario they then they stopped.

captinunder pants

There was George and Harry who  had a Principal Minister and George had a ring that could turn him to anything and they chose Captain Underpants. So he would turn normal from water. He could fly and he only had pants and a cape and that’s it realy it to be onest. So we had a lovely time but then it was raining and it was a disaster and got seperaited and we were very sad. And then we sore a toilet robot and George and Harry said teacher toilet monster and they said really. And the teacher said ahhh.




























the magic tree

once there was a girl she loved ridding a bike her name was ivy. she went to the woods then she went to the magic tree sadley  there was a there was a tree in it in a coplel of minets she looked up and the tree opend  its eyes and flung out with its magic wow she said and it was a lovley  but its not the  end  in amazingly animals fell from the sky  it was her most happest day ever ivy went home from a lovely day sat by the fire and went bed for a sleep


Georges problem

Once upon a time there lived a boy called George. He lived in the woods . One day he went for a bike ride but unfortunately he hit a rock and his bike got stuck in a tree. He had no idea of what to do.  Someone was coming down the muddy path and they saw his bike in the tree. Luckily they had a ladder. George climbed up and pulled it out then he went home for tea .The next morning he tried again.  He got further than last time.  When he got home he had a party he danced.