elf and santa

Once upon time there lived a boy called Oliver. He was an elf he was in charge of the elves. So all the elves had to work very hard to make a lots of toys so they get some money to go home to thar famlys. So they cood have chritmes. they get 5,000,000 millean pondns .



the ninjoos.

there   were two ninjas  they were brother and sister  they were cold  meya and city  one they  grow tiod of fitting  brother sow they went home there mum said wiy ur you home then she pushed  them alt of there halls the halls  was in the wood  it was getting dark then they got lost they woods around the woods . they herd were wolfs so they ran as fast as they could thay sor it it  was sleeping naw thay cam closa  it woc up and chasd  them  the wolf hald agen then he losd them thay wer rill glad.



Once a pone a time there was a reindeer called jingle he was different to the other baby ,s they mad fun of him and bulling him  then the man reindeer

can you help me to nitne  cum on said the reindeer  they flid over houme


the bad nightmare

Once in the north pole  Santa had a bad nightmare and Rudolph oh no but they were exhausted from the nightmare beacause    it kept them up all night so their exhausted. in the morning they slept all day in the night they were up all night again  I,m tired lets go home okay dude whats 5+5=11 alright lets go to the top of mount evirest then go home . yay were on top of the mountain. lets go home okay dude okay then on the switch okay dude no thank you dude okay do it on your own  okay then I will .




Villain World

In a street decades ago there was a town full of villains, but there was one only training. He was called Pinkie and she loved being a villain. She the next day she passed. But the step was thinking what to steal. Well she thought Silver bolt has stolen the Eiffel tower, the Town TV and the Egyptians Mummy. She was  of thinking then she thought of the Statue of Liberty. “Yes!” she said aloud “I will steal that.” and just a year later she got her dream come true. Pinkie was in all the papers and she was very happy.