red apple

red apple jumped out of her bed and ran downstairs. She heard through the crack in the wall her mother was giving red apple’s sister a quarter of  the rare fruit banana. so Red Apple ran upstairs crying “its not fair” she layed on her bed crying. Soon her mum came up and said “I was going to give you some too . So remember sometimes you hear what you don’t hear. So everyone incuding red apple and everyone in her family was happy again . Red apple learnt something new that day and she never made that mistake ever again until .


Red bonbon Girl

There was a girl called Ihansa and she was obsessed with red bon bons.  One day she went to an all inclusive sweet buffet. The table was filled with rainbow strips, lollipops, cola bottles, gummy bears and strawberry shoelaces. However there were no red bon bons! She was furious and complained to the manager. She said, “He is a naughty man !She stormed out off the sweet buffey . she got on a buss to a huge sweet store and when she walked into the sweet store she was amazed buy all the sweets in the store and therewere red bonbon

Red Fields

It was 1899 and World War 1 had not begun.  Harry was playing in the fields where was would be fought.  No one had any idea about what was going to happen in the future. Quite a few years later, war broke out. He had no idea what that the rtseasna were cidnaping his mum on his 16 th berthday. He went to the feaulds but he herd somthing bang my arm said Harry.Kid i am so sory get in the trench said a small man holdin a gun.Bing shot on my 16 th berthday  the persun helped him he said the war startid

In The Coral

200 years ago, there lived a mermaid called Anna who was swimming through the reef when her farther came slithering out. ”What are you doing in the red coral?” he exclaimed,”Come in now you know it is dangerous. I’m getting you twelve fish today and we are going now.” After they got back, Anna told her father that she was going to a friend’s house, but she actually went back to the red coral. The reason she kept going was because she lost her mother’s neckless with pearls on . She was still looking  when she saw something sparkling in the coral.

Ruby Red

I fluttered out of the cave and was amazed that I saw someone entering the mystical hallway. “I am going to keep a good eye on her,” I thought. A few hours later I saw the lady holding a rich lush and unique ruby shining as scarlet as blood. “Wow!” I breathed, they must be priceless. When the lady was about leave at around dusk I hatched a plan that I told to my fellow bats. The plan was this (don’t tell anyone!) that we would swarm around her. We did that and she dropped the ruby and fled miraculously.