Outside The house

Veronica was bored. She was always bored these days.  She had to stay inside doing women’s work – baking and washing. “I’m bored of this nonsense I AM GOING OUTSIDE!” she declared so she packed a bag and left,” I am gonna look for a Diamond!” She had read books about where to find them… but what if she got lost and upset and cried. “Oh, I don’t care!” So she ran sprinting  out the door in search of a diamond. It had been a few months since Veronica left….She had no diamond… but a family she found on the way.

The Chocolate Tree

Once upon a time, there lived two little girls, one was called Ava and the other was called Sofia. One stormy night they were eating sausages and mash. It was Sofia’s favourite. When they went to bed, their eyes just would not close. The storm was deafening. The next morning, they left the house for a delightful walk. On the way they saw so many amazing sights but none were as weird and wonderful as the chocolate tree they saw. Ava and Sofia were both jumping up and down trying to get some chocolate but they couldn’t reach. So their mum and dad helped them and they had a life supply.

The Deep [email protected]@!!!#^’hdggj

Once, there lived three children called Emily, Hannah and Poppy. They were all twelve years old. One day, they all went to the woodland and suddenly they saw a black, heavy, damaged banana that had before jumped into space. When they turned around their parents weren’t there. Then they found out they were in a woodland and started run and run as fast as they could. Just then, they got caught by an orphan and she dragged them in and took us to the head and she made us an orphan. They never saw our lovely, caring parents over the bloody wood.