An Eerie Misty Morning

One misty morning,  the deadly ghostly night rider was skimming the water on the way to the graveyard to see his gravestone. When he got to his gravestone he saw crimson blood dripping down it. On the way back, the Caralopterist was frantically searching for food and as soon as he saw the ghostly night rider he darted at him and dragged him into the depths. “Help me!!”shouted the ghostly night rider. Soon he perished in the dark ocean. Will we ever see him again? And the Caralopterist ate him whole. So next to his gravestone is his ghost one!…

One thought on “An Eerie Misty Morning”

  1. Wow! That is pretty scary .. and a chilling ending.
    What is a Caralopterist? Must be pretty powerful to be able to eat a night rider.

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