The new animal named : elephant.

Once there was a kid and her name was Tsunami. She had found out that there was going to be a new animal arrival at the ZOO. She heard it was called an elephant and it was from Africa which was 13 hours away from Australia. But then that wasn’t a good result because it ended up on the news . When the elephant arrived, everyone started pushing and screaming at each other  because they were excited. Then, out of thin air, the elephant just started to talk! Then the elephant delivered his speech…”It’s hotter here than Africa. I want to be leader.”

The Elephant Zoo

It was an early morning at the zoo. It was the elephants’ breakfast and they were having leaves. They loved it. Then they walked around the zoo. It was a sunny day  and they had a drink then the elephants met a lion.  They had a great time then the elephant delivered his speech. He told everyone that there were going to be more animals coming to the zoo from Africa. “Be nice and care about them, ” he told everyone, “They are coming next week.” When the animals came, they felt very welcome. There were zebras and cheetahs and they loved it.


Once there were two kings in Africa and they were fighting.  One of the kings was bad and only cared about money and power. The other cared about making the country a better place. The bad king said, “You’re nothing but a selfish king.”

The good king replied, “Why can’t you be good then people would worship you.”

They began to fight and it was brutal. The bad king threw his spir and stabd the good king aaaahhhh  eeehhh ea aaa NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IM KING NOW OK LETS GO RIP NIGA RRRRRRRAAAAAAHH EEA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD SIGA said ALL IS LOST ITS NOT OVER YET                    tobecontined…

the space elephant

One day an elephant decided to go to space to talk to the aliens. He built a rocket and started to make fuel for it. Next, he bought his supplies and took off. When he left the atmosphere, he prepared his speech. He wondered what the alien world would look like. Finally, he got to the alien planet and ran to the city  then  the elephant  delivered   his speech  to Mack peace for the plaints  .   after  theta  the  elephant  went  back  to his rocket  to go home . And tell   his  ferns  the  grit nose earth   and the  aliens  are in  peas .

Night At The Museum

It was night at the museum in Tring . All of the stuffed animals were still. Until, the museum keeper went home. One by one, each animal came to life, starting with a woolly mammoth then a sloth followed by a lion,  followed by all the animals you could possibly imagine. By the time all the animals were alive again, they all gathered round  the reception desk and one animal was at the front. Can you guess the animal? It was big and grey, it had ginormous  tusks and a long  grey trunk. It was an elephant! Then  the elephant delivered his speech…