The Intergalactic Space Aliens are at it Again! ….

‘Ouch’, exclaimed Broady, ‘That really hurt!’ ‘What happened to you Broady, and why are you covered in goo?’, screamed Amilia. ‘Its because they shot their goo gun at me’, screamed Broady back to Amilia. ‘Who are they’, snarled Amilia very cruely. ‘You know who they are,the aliens you ding dong!’ said Broady very disgusted. But suddenly the aliens disappeared with Amilia! ‘Oh no’, said Broady very nervously, ‘What am I going to do?’ Then in the middle of nowhere the aliens jumped out and said something like jkfhgquyehdkjeruryreo and the very confused Broady said ‘What the?’ Then a voice said ‘HELP’…. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flying fish

Splash, the little  fish were swimming away from the Dorados when a little boy called Max spotted the  fish and called out,”Mum ,mum there are fish  they are flying out of the water but sometimes the birds swoop in and try to catch the little, fish!” “Nonsense there are no such thing as ‘flying fish'”replied her mum. The little boy turned his head and saw a  boat with a man in it  the boy figured out he fished out the fish that was catching the fish that were thought to fly. “I didn’t realize they could fly.” Said her mum.

robot at 3am

The broken robot was called roz and a car came and bumped into him and said hey my name is Lim.Nice to meat you said Lim I am kind of broken I can give you a lift.Alright I will get you there in no time .So they went to the town which way to the shops? it panted I think it is to the right said the russet robot. It was the morning at 1am.I am really tired because, we barely fell asleep last night. Said the car and the robot. So they went to a restraint and had fries.

bigfoot in the store

A long time ago in New York  city there was a young boy called Jeffery. He wanted to be a hunter when he grew up . He believes there is a creature out in the woods he could possibly capture and bring to the zoo .One day when he was 56 he was walking in the town when all of a sudden the ground started to shake and he saw a massive creature  “hello,” it said “I’m bigfoot can you tell me how to get to the store,” yes said Jeffery nervously just down there. Thank you said bigfoot he felt very inquisitive about what its like.

the rise of the new transformers

on a ordaniary  a girl named saide  was running down to the shops . there were lots of people ” what way to the shops ?” it panted I mean her she found the shops at last and bought matirials and a cub wolf to fight people how came near them when she was on her way  home she fought how lucky she was she a risk of being dead . as she was aprouching home she saw 2 cars next to each over they looked a bit like the transformers  but then they rose up and they were new transformers called  russet prime and octumus.