the red gummy bear

once the was a little girl called Lilly  who was obsessed with gummy bears especially the red ones when she saw a packet of haribows in the store she always begged her mum to get  them and she always did one day she went to a sweet buffet the table was full of bon bon strawberry laces , coke gummy bottles , rain bow sour strips but no red gummy bears ! she was furious and wanted to complain to the manger this second and did what she needed to do and stormed out of the sweet buffet and threw a tantrum on the floor .

Blood Night Scary at 1AM

Once in night Martynas Just having a sleepover with Girls And Boys  Having a Midnight Feast is Marshbellow  carmel Toffe On Midnight Martynas and Friends having Sleep. Now at Midnight  Martynas wake up and screamd a Vampire Tiger  and Blood Godzilia  not Screamed  Friends And wake up Tip Tope Downstairs and scramed Everywhere coverd Red  And  it is Gone .Having a rainbiow Milkshake After That It Back again Blood Godzilia  Told that engine of Robot is Dissapear Found It And Fix it  Done Friends And Martynas  Back To bed At Mornning It told that happened Yesterday  and boom  The End.

In Flanders Feilds

As he raced out of the camouflaged helicopter across the field to help his injured best friend,  oh I’m sorry let me tell you the story from the begging. About 1000 years ago in Flanders Felids there was a world war with Germany fighting agenised England and it was tough. Many soldiers lost their lives to save us. At 11’o’ clock on the 11th of November the soldiers all shouted peace. and when all  the soldiers had cleared out of the field lots of poppies started to grow in the field it was beautiful.