Once there was a ancient statue in the foot of Larks-bough. It was of Mark Antony, a famous Roman who once lived there and concered the City. one day it was demolished in world war 1 and everyone was very sad.


Once upon a time there was a 12 year old boy named Daniel .He really wanted to be a space ranger when he grew up .When he was 34 his dream came true and his mission was to get alien space ship samples .His shuttle had a minigun  on each side for protection he also bought a machine gun with him to carry around .All of a sudden he saw a space ship an got the samples and went back to the shuttle but right as he was about to pack up a hord of aliens came charging he killed them and survived.

Oliver’s wild adventure

Once upon a time  there was a boy called Oliver he was in a game called mincraft he started of getting some wood. Then he had a wooden pickaxe so his goal was to get some cobbelston , coal and make a house but then he found some iron  but whattttt you cant get iron with a wodden pichake. But he had a crafting table on him and some sticks and cobblestone so he cood make a cobblestone pickaxe and he got a furnace  so he smelt the iron and then a they days later he found dimonds he lived happy ever after.

yannicks wild adventure

“Hey Charles how are you doing?”, said Yannick. The two boys went to a particular statue in America, so they  had to go through passport control on the plane. Charles saw Yannick  and they sat next to each other. When they landed in America they went to  the famous statue and saw that there were not many people.  Miraculously, the glimmering statue moved. Because it was alive  and nobody new were it lived was and one man one particular man found out his name .That man was a good scientist and he worked for news and he  was very popular.

charles and yannick adventue

Charles and Yannick  were in a minecraft world and needed to make a house. So they got oak and cobblestone and started building. Charles went out to hunt some animals to eat and they started to build beds.  Suddenly, a giant appeared from nowhere and started to blow up the house.  After one day the giant had gone . So they got a friend call  hacker and then they build a Mantuan and had a massive zoo and all the wild live was healthy and save so we lived until a zombie appeared out of nowhere so they rip the end