ybe olimpics

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Stacey who had a brother called James they lived in 2030. At that time the Olympics were being held, Stacey and James were a very clever pair of twins. unfortunately, the Satellite had broken so they decided to ask Stacey and James t o make a rocket so they could bring a satellite and keep track of the contestants of the boarder cross cycling race.

The high school Girl troble

Ones there was a girl getting dressed for school.She was exsited for school because it was her ferst day . she went down stairs for breck fost .She got her coat and loked the door so she got in the car. But her car would,nt take off so she tried again but the car was shaterd, broken and old.

The Disasterous Flight

Once there was a family who had twins. On there 6th birthday they got a kite so after  a birthday roast they went to the park. They found a clearing away from trees or people. Charlie and Lucy tries several attempts to fly it but every time it failed and when it wouldn’t take off for the 27th time they ran home complaining that it didn’t work. Their Mum and Dad agreed and said it was a waste of money and they will get them another kite one day. The next day they got another kite that worked.

the golden sword

once there was a princes called Ella who was just a few monthes old then one day here fairy god mother came to visit but the problem was that she gave the worst gifts this time she gave her a gift of obedionts her mother was of corse petrified and told her to change her back but shesaid that if she was not greatfull then she would turn her into a mouse 22 years past andshe still had the spell of obedionts it was hard when it just wouldent take of . one day she saw a golden sword with blood all over it was golden.


The Forever Coat

Once there was a boy called Oot. He was an alien. Oot had a special coat that had lasted for a long time and had no scratches or stichings. One day Oot was hot and tried to take his coat off but it would not take off. Well it did take off there was just another coat and another. So he went to see Miss Scattle Bug. Miss scattle Bug gave him a posion. “It’s not working ” she cried but a second later it did “yay ” said Oot and he lived happily ever after until “aaaaaah”what happened cried his mother…